UK’s biggest family’s trip to Alton Towers as Radfords brave thrilling rides

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For the past few months, parents all over the country have tried their best to keep their kids entertained during lockdown.

The Radford family would have had their plates full with 22 kids – and we're sure it hasn't been a dull moment for the household.

Now the UK's biggest family packed their bags as they were invited to Alton Towers Resort to test out the rides and hotel rooms.

Escaping their home for the first time since restrictions eased, Sue and Noel along with 15 of their kids went to the theme park.

They brought with them 5 suitcases, 2 pushchairs and a loaded 17-person minibus on their visit to the Staffordshire resort.

Now in exclusive photos, the family can be seen enjoying the thrilling rides and ordering 17 hot dogs on Towers Street.

Three generations of the Radfords took on the rides, making them the biggest family to try some of UK's most iconic rollercoasters.

Mum Sue was the designated height checker and head counter for the day, making sure all her kids enjoyed their family day out.

The household started off with a splash in the Waterpark before tucking into a feast at the Rollercoaster Restaurant.

And they even got to laugh with the Teletubbies in CBeebies Land and took a stroll in the expansive gardens.

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They also enjoyed Alton Tower Resort's newest attraction, Gangsta Granny: The Ride, along with Wicker Man and others.

The members of the family who were brave (and tall enough) got to experience the thrill of Nemesis and Oblivion.

Speaking about their day out, mum-of-22 Sue told Daily Star: "What a day out!

"They say Alton Towers Resort is Britain's greatest escape and now we know why as it was an absolute treat."

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The Radfords added: "[There was] so much to do and see the kids loved it and were completely knackered by the end.

"You should have seen the look on the face of the person at the till serving us 17 hot dogs! That food gave them their second wind.

"Noel and I had our work cut out trying to match the kids' energy, can't wait to do it again."

Outside of the Alton Towers Hotel where they stayed, they explored the Enchanted Village with fairy-themed woodland lodges.

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The family even got to see the bright lights of the UK's only CBeebies Land Hotel on their way to and from the resort.

Commenting on the adventure, Sue and Noel said: "Alton Towers Resort has been the best family escape we could have hoped for.

"With a brood as big as ours, it's often tricky for us to find somewhere we can all go that everyone will enjoy."

The family often keep fans up to date with their adventures through their YouTube channel or Instagram account.

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