Trolls say I have squirrels under armpits but not shaving has given me income

A body-positive woman has defied trolls for calling her "unclean" as she vowed to show off her hairy armpits in hot weather.

Holly Beth, who embraces her natural look, says she can still be hot while keeping her body hair unshaved.

But she was hit with rude comments when she flaunted her armpit hair in a series of videos.

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"Why is there so much hair there?" one asked and another joked: "What's that squirrels under your arms? Tarzan and Jane feeling…"

A third criticised: "Okay you are good looking but that's too much for me."

One troll gave her a nickname of "Chewbacca".

But she refused to shave or cover up and hinted that her natural look has brought her income that she is now able to buy "better clothes and better everything".

Holly, who also sells her saucy content on subscription based platform, OnlyFans, said she can't wait for the summer to come.

Dressed in a Bohemian-inspired floral vest, she waved her arms in front of the camera and said: "Summer is like: Get your pits out!"

In another video where Holly quoted a comment that read "bush and armpit hair are unclean", she looked down to check her pubes and nodded, saying: "Body hair is natural."

She also called out men who don't appreciate natural women as a "red flag" in dating.

But her fans showed support, with one saying: "Bigger fool those people, there is nothing wrong with the natural way."

"That's totally normal, just the way nature is," a second added and a third confessed: "I think that hairy armpits are very sexy on women."


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