Tricky TikTok riddle leaves fans confused as no one can figure out who Teresa is

There's nothing more fun – and frustrating – than a riddle.

Often the tricky puzzles will leave you scrambling for answers which could take you hours to solve.

So if you think you've got enough patience, see how you get on with this TikTok riddle.

Posting on the video-sharing app, the viral-post read: "Nobody can solve this riddle and it's breaking the internet.

"If Teresas daughter is my daughter's mother, what am I to Teresa?"

There are five answers; grandmother, mother, daughter, granddaughter or I am Teresa.

So can you solve the mind-boggling riddle and figure out the correct answer?

It racked up over 4.1 million views with many debating the answers in the comments.

Many might seem it's simple as all it takes is working out a family tree, but it's a lot harder than that.

Others thought the answer was "son-in-law" or "son-in-law of Teresa" although they weren't options.

One joked: "A stranger. I don't know Teresa," while another answered: "I am Theresa."

A commentator who solved the riddle explained: "'My daughter's mother', simply means 'me'."

So the sentence can be rewritten as Teresa's daughter is 'me'.

The phrase "my daughter's mother" could be replaced with the word "me".

Then it would read "if Teresa's daughter is me, what am I to Teresa?" So basically the answer is daughter.

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