The Tina Snow Lifestyle: 8 Ways Megan Thee Stallion Spends Her Fortune

Megan Thee Stallion began rapping at the age of 14 when she watched her mother, a rapper working in the recording studio. When she started rapping as a profession, she amassed a big fan following due to her confidence on stage and powerful lyrics. Her vocal skills make her stand out in the crowd, and her career has had a steady momentum in the last few years. Celebrities like Cardi B, BTS, Doja Cat, Nicki Minaj, and Beyoncé have collaborated with Megan to create chart-topping music. Given her growing popularity, Megan has managed to earn a massive $8 million fortune within the early years of her music career.

With her $8 million fortune, the rapper likes to buy lavish jewelry and spend on things that matter. She has also helped people financially using her celebrity status as a philanthropist.

8 Education

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Balancing a career and education can never be easy, but Megan Thee Stallion has proved that she can do both. According to USA Today, while excelling in music and becoming a three-time Grammy Award Winning rapper, she attended part-time classes at Texas Southern University. The tuition fee of her college course is $21,443, and the rapper sent an important message to the young generation on how it is paramount to achieve goals.

7 Blingy Jewelry

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Megan Thee Stallion loves bling. The rapper is known to own an extensive array of jewelry. Some of her notable jewelry includes a set of six rings made from 14-carat white gold. The diamond-set cost her a whopping $200,000. More recently, she was spotted wearing a necklace with the words ‘Hot Girl’ glittered in 155 carats of white gold. Designed by Elliot Eliantte, it cost her $425,000, as reported by Page Six.

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6 Expensive Vacations

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Nothing is more relaxing than taking a much-needed vacation after exhausting hours at recording studios. Megan Thee Stallion loves to vacation with her friends, and the rapper is mostly spotted going to the tropical locations during summers. In August 2021, she was spotted visiting Niagara Falls with her grandmother, who had the location on her bucket list for many years.

5 Lavish Parties

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Megan Thee Stallion loves to party. The rapper has thrown lavish parties for Halloween and even celebrated her graduation. In October 2021, she celebrated her one-year anniversary of dating her boyfriend, Pardi Fontaine. The star had her friends over for a house party with an open bar and lavish decorations. The celebration must have set her back by a couple of thousand dollars.

4 Real Estate

As one of the celebrities who respects her privacy, there is no information known about the address and location of Megan Thee Stallion’s homes. As she hails from Texas, she considers it her home. She has given very limited glimpses into her home through her Instagram, and her posts show her home with a dramatic entrance staircase, high ceilings, and a large walk-in closet stocked with clothes and handbags.

3 Designer Clothes And Accessories

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Megan Thee Stallion makes head turns on the red carpet with her impressive looks. The rapper once gave a glimpse into her stunning walk-in closet, where she showed off her bold and beautiful outfits. Some of her outfit essentials include Gucci Crop Top ($790), Saint Laurent Bodysuit ($1,390), Balenciaga Skirt ($884), and Versace Heeled Sandals ($1,171). Along with wearing designer outfits, she is known to have a special love for handbags. In January 2021, she purchased a limited edition Dior Bag, costing $8,500, as reported by Daily Mail. There were only two units produced of the bag.

2 Fast Cars

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The rapper loves luxury and speed. One of the cars in her collection is a customized Rolls Royce Dawn with a base price of $350,000. The custom trims and rims add a few more thousand dollars to the bill. The other notable cars in her collection are the Mercedes Benz SLS-AMG, one of the finest cars produced by Mercedes to date that costs upwards of $200,000, and the other is a Lexus IS250 that has a starting price of $43,050.

1 Offering Grants And Living Aid

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She is a known philanthropist. She launched the Don’t Stop Scholarship Fund with rapper Young Thug in January 2020 that awards two women of color $10,000 to pursue their graduate or postgraduate degrees. The rapper has also opened assisted living services in Houston, Texas, when she saw her grandmother helping her great-grandmother growing up. As mentioned by The Things, in 2021, she partnered with Fashion Nova to give away $1 million as grants and scholarships to female students, women entrepreneurs, and women-owned businesses.

A successful rapper, graduate, jewelry collector, and philanthropist, Megan Thee Stallion is an ideal inspiration for young people who want to balance their personal and professional lives. She loves showering herself with gifts and ensures that her money is put to good use. In December 2021, Netflix announced that they had signed a first-look deal with the rapper who will become an Executive Producer for new series and projects, which will undoubtedly grow her sprawling fortune.

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