The secret to Jennifer Lopez’s youthful appearance revealed as 50 year old is told her face is 20 years younger

Hollywood star Jennifer Lopez turns 50 today, but her appearance is that of a woman nearly two decades younger.

Leading Harley Street cosmetic surgeon Dr Julian De Silva has analysed pictures of JLo from 1999 to present day with the latest computer mapping software which predicted her facial age as 32.

The software looks at key marker points around the eyes, eyelids, cheek bones, frown lines, crows feet, nasal-labial folds, width of the face, and any softening of the jaw-line and neck.

In Jennifer’s case there was little change from the pictures of her today and the picture from 1999 when she first became a global superstar following the release the previous year of Out Of Sight – her breakthrough movie with George Clooney.

Software analysis of JLo’s appearance from 1999 shows she had the facial features then of a woman of 26 – four years younger than her real age at the time of 30. Flash forward 10 years to 2009, and the analysis shows JLo had the facial features of a woman of 29 when she was actually 40.

So she had aged just three years over the decade. As she approaches her 50th birthday, the computer analysis of her picture from 2019 matches that of a woman of 32. It means the mother-of-two has managed to reverse the ageing process by 18 years in the past 20 years through careful maintenance and healthy living, according to Dr De Silva.

Dr De Silva applied the same analysis to Jennifer Aniston, another Hollywood superstar who turned 50 this year. It showed that the former Friends star has the face of a woman of 39. Dr De Silva said: “Jennifer Lopez’s facial features are nothing short of remarkable. She shows almost no signs of ageing in the past 20 years.

“Our computer mapping software aged her at 32 years, which is 18 years younger than her actual age. She has practically none of the usual signs of ageing for a woman comfortably in middle age.

“In relation to skin texture and quality, she has no crows feet, no laughter lines, no lip lines, no bagging under the eyes and only the very slightest of nasal labial lines and they have not really become more pronounced in the past 20 years either.

“Her face shape doesn’t appear to have been affected by time and gravity either. Jennifer’s cheek bones are at the same height, her eyelids show no signs of sagging and the eye brow arch is pronounced and as high as before.

“The only feature that has slightly changed is that she has a slightly broader and squarer jawline, but these changes are almost imperceptible.” Dr De Silva is one of the world’s leading cosmetic surgeons and operates out of the Centre For Advanced Facial Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery on Harley Street.

He specialises in aesthetic facial surgery and has the latest computer mapping software to analyse facial ageing, allowing him to predict how a face is likely to age in the next 20 years. Using his Future Face software he was able to show what JLo’s face would have been predicted to look like at age 50 if she had aged like an average woman – and the results were quite surprising.

Dr De Silva added: “Many women will wonder what is JLo’s secret to remaining so youthful. Certainly her clean living and sporty lifestyle have made a difference. She has no alcohol or coffee, has never smoked, protects her skin from the sun, sees a personal trainer every day, and says she always gets at least seven hours of sleep.

“Her beautiful Puerto Rican complexion will also tend to age more gracefully than lighter skin tones.”

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