'The Bachelorette': What Has Luke P Learned from His Time on the Show?

Sometimes slow and steady really does win the race. Unfortunately, it may be too late for Bachelorette contestant Luke Parker, better known as Luke P., to put that theory to the test.

From the moment he came out of the limo, Parker showed up guns blazing for Hannah Brown. And at first, everything seemed to be going in his favor. Brown was charmed by his confidence and how much he seemed to like her. He received the first impression rose and even was the first one to kiss Brown.

But that’s when he got too comfortable.

The next week, he told Brown that he was already starting to fall in love with her and by week three, he was constantly making his presence known and policing her time.

Now that his bad behavior has been displayed on live television for everyone to see, he is starting to have second thoughts about the things that he does.

What has Parker learned from his actions?

Since receiving so much backlash about the way that he has behaved, Parker took to social media to defend himself.

“I just want to address the elephant in the room here really quick,” he captioned a post on Instagram. “First I want you all to know how hard it has been for me to watch myself this season so far. Regardless of what is aired AND IF @alabamahannah and I are together or not my behavior in all situations has been and will continue to be exposed.”

“I have learned a lot and I am continuing to learn about my flaws as a man. I’m the first to admit I am far from perfect. This journey has given me a great opportunity to grow and mature as a man, for that I am grateful.”

“For those of you who are on this journey with me I am grateful for your support and hope you get to learn and grow from my mistakes with me!” he finished.

Did Brown know how Parker behaved?

The problem with being the lead on a show like The Bachelor or The Bachelorette is that you only get to see what the contestants want to show you. You don’t know how they behave around the other contestants or when you are not around.

So, while the other men may have known that Parker had some questionable ways of behaving, Brown only began to see his aggressive behavior on the group date in episode three.

“I’ve been struggling a little bit with it because I feel like you already think that it’s promised to you and that bothers me a lot,” Brown told Parker on the episode. “And like, I feel like your confidence in this kind of makes me irritated in a way. … I want you to like focus on me and you do that, but you also don’t respect that I do have other relationships here for me and that bothers me. I like confidence but it’s like cocky in a way. I don’t like that at all. I want it to change.”

Hopefully, Parker takes her words to heart and changes for the better.

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