The 7 Wildest Animal TikTok Stories of 2021

Ghost vs dog, girl vs bear, pigeon vs two other way meaner pigeons… 2021 has seen some pretty wild face-offs involving animals — and it was all captured on TikTok.

It’s the place many go in the desperate hope of becoming the next viral dance craze that someone else will just steal and take credit for anyway… but those who know, know that TikTok’s real gems are its animal vids.

2021 saw some pretty wild creature stories prowling around — here are 7 of the best!

7: A Dog-Gone Incredible Rescue

This incredible last second rescue of a dog tied to a train track should have been number 1… had it not been for one tiny detail:

Why TikTok Deleted Heart-Stopping 'Rescue' of Dog Tied to Train Tracks

6: Bit Sluggish on the Uptake

TikTok, it turns out, is a great place for animal knowledge. Maybe ask before you pick it up, though:

TikToker Wants to Know What This Deadly Sea Slug He Just Picked Up Is

5: Neverglides Everglades

Speaking of animal knowledge, ever wonder what it’s like inside an alligator’s jaws? This guy found out — luckily — remotely:

Drone Flies Too Close to Florida Alligator

4: The Great Esnakpe

And speaking again of animal knowledge, it’s not much use without common sense, as this snake “expert” proved:

TikToker Arrested for Failing to Inform Police Deadly Spitting Cobra Escaped 7 Months Ago

3: A Murder Most Fowl

Graphic content warning – this video features attempted murder, and that’s not coo-l:

Two NY Pigeons Straight up Murder a Third on Subway Platform

2: Ghost Gets Collared

They say animals can sense paranormal activity… this poor dog didn’t have much of a choice:

TikToker Shares Freaky Footage of 'Ghost' Removing Dog's Collar

1: Bear Mauls Teen Girl… No Wait, It's The Other Way Round

Not just animal video of the year, it’s video of the year. Actually, it’s the best video ever:

Hero Teen Who Fought Bear to Save Dogs Explains WHAT She Was Thinking

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