The 10 Best CBD Creams for Pain

Enlisting the help of the best CBD creams for pain is an efficient and safe way to improve your pain management regimen. Fortified with broad-spectrum CBD, these calming body lotions, balms and rubs are designed to penetrate into the skin and deliver temporary relief. Oftentimes combined with healing agents such as arnica, menthol and camphor, these nourishing body products boast renowned anti-inflammatory and restorative benefits as they soothe away tension, stiffness, soreness, aches and tightness with their warming and/or cooling effects on the muscles and joints.

Ideal for athletes and those who suffer from chronic inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, the best CBD creams for pain support healthy joint and muscle recovery and are available in a variety of strengths to ensure a customizable dosage for your level of pain. Some formulas are enhanced with healing essential oils such as peppermint, tea tree, lavender and frankincense to alleviate pain and discomfort while also further promoting the restoration and repair of the muscles and joints. For a truly nourishing experience, these CBD products also feature emollients such as shea butter, coconut oil and jojoba oil to ensure a silky-smooth finish.

Below, explore the best CBD creams for pain that provide instant relief and other amazing benefits for your mind, body and skin.

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CBDistillery CBD Warming Cream

Equipped with 300 milligrams of CBD and offering two milligrams per pump, the CBDistillery CBD Warming Cream soothes sore muscles, aches and pain with its innovative warming formula, which delivers instant relief and does not contain traceable levels of THC.

CBDistillery CBD Warming Cream$25Buy Now

Wildflower Healing Stick

Formulated with a calming blend of 500 milligrams of broad-spectrum CBD and peppermint essential oil, the Wildflower Healing Stick imparts an immediate cooling sensation on targeted areas to alleviate soreness, inflammation and pain. Boasting a mess-free stick design that can be easily applied to the back, neck and shoulders, this restorative balm is best used on warm, damp skin for maximum absorption.

Wildflower Healing Relief Stick$75Buy Now

CBD Medic Arthritis Aches & Pain Relief Ointment

Created for those suffering from arthritis, the CBD Medic Arthritis Aches & Pain Relief Ointment decreases tension, stiffness and aches in the joints related to inflammatory pain conditions. Made from naturally-derived ingredients and THC-free, this topical pain relief ointment is equipped with 200 milligrams of CBD, 10% menthol, moisturizing jojoba oil and a blend of calming essential oils.

CBD Medic Arthritis Aches & Pain Relief Ointment$30Buy Now

MedTerra CBD Rapid Cooling Cream

Available in three strengths, the MedTerra CBD Rapid Cooling Cream makes an excellent addition to your pain management routine with its rapid cooling technology, which instantly soothes and alleviates pain, tension and aches while supporting healthier joint and muscle repair. Formulated with organic and natural ingredients such as menthol, arnica, aloe vera and sunflower seed oil, this pain-relieving CBD cream infuses the skin with a daily dose of vitamins, minerals and hydration as it reduces discomfort.

MedTerra CBD Rapid Cooling Cream$30Buy Now

Cheef Botanicals CBD Relief Salve

Comprised of 500 milligrams of CBD, the Cheef Botanicals CBD Relief Salve offers a holistic approach to pain management with its naturally-derived formula, which contains olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil and other skin-nourishing ingredients. Perfect for athletes looking to support healthy muscle recovery, this soothing CBD cream doubles as a post-workout massage lotion and instantly deliver pain relief.

Cheef Botanicals CBD Relief Salve$40Buy Now

CBDMD Recover CBD Cream

Available in four dosage strengths and three varying sizes, the CBDMD Recover CBD Cream is a topical treatment that targets inflammation and provides temporary relief from pain, tension, stiffness and aches with its soothing warming effect on the skin. In addition to alleviating pain, this multipurpose cream also enriches the skin with intense hydration thanks to its coconut oil and shea butter-powered formula, which also contains a blend of healing essential oils such as rosemary, orange, geranium and fir.

cbdMD Recover CBD Cream$30Buy Now

CBD Medic Neck & Back Pain Relief Ointment

Designed to cater to pain in the neck, back and shoulders, the CBD Medic Neck and Back Pain Relief Ointment tends to pain and discomfort caused by general muscle tightness, soreness, strains, sprains and bruises using 40 grams of CBD. THC-free and comprised of 15% menthol, this deep rub CBD ointment delivers maximum absorption and temporary relief.

CBD Medic Neck & Back Pain Relief Ointment$30Buy Now

Prima R+R Cream

With 750 milligrams of broad-spectrum CBD at its base, the Prima R+R Cream promotes advanced muscle recovery and instantly soothes sore, tense, stiff and achy muscles and joints with its cooling effect. Combining restorative essential oils of tea tree, lavender, rosemary and peppermint with marula oil and shea butter, this multitasking CBD rub provides additional healing while quenching parched skin with lasting moisture and nourishment.

Prima R+R Cream$55Buy Now

Plant People Soothe+ Restorative Body Balm

Boasting a melt-into-your-skin balm texture that instantly hydrates and conditions, the Plant People Soothe+ Restorative Body Balm is powered by 515 milligrams of full-spectrum CBD, plus a restorative blend of arnica, peppermint and camphor for additional pain relief. Not only does this calming CBD balm reduce tension, aches, soreness and stiffness, but it can also be used to increase circulation and alleviate inflammation as well.

Plant People Soothe+ Restorative Body Balm$49Buy Now

Papa + Barkley Realeaf Balm

Boasting aromatherapy benefits in addition to pain relief thanks to its potent essential oil-blended formula, the Papa + Barkley Realeaf Balm soothes away aches and pain using 600 milligrams of CBD. Helping you achieve additional healing with eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint and lavender, this nourishing formula is enriched with skin-healthy vitamins, minerals and emollients to ensure that your skin receives proper care.

Papa + Barkley Realeaf Balm$80Buy Now

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