Tesco launches Rhubarb and Custard Creams – much to shoppers’ delight

Custard creams are one of the nation’s best-loved biscuits.

In a recipe that can be traced back to 1908, two vanilla-based biccies sandwich a layer of custard-flavoured cream.

Over the years, manufacturers have provided their own twist on the traditional food.

And Tesco is the latest to re-vamp the recipe.

Tesco is selling Rhubarb and Custard Creams for 40p.

While the layers of biscuit are pretty classic, the filling certainly isn’t.

Product creators have sandwiched a fruity and zesty mix in between the biccies.

This should give the treats a sweet and sour flavour – very much like rhubarb and custard.

While the quirky recipe won’t be to everyone’s taste, the product seems to have gone down well on social media.

One Twitter user remarked: “OMG rhubarb and custard creams.

“Right straight to Tesco in the morning.”

Another said: “Everyone STOP what you’re doing… Tesco is selling rhubarb and custard cream biscuits.”

A third added: “Yes! These look amazing.”

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