Teen killer’s bizarre first words after stabbing teacher to death in classroom

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  • 13:35, 10 MAY 2019

For Ann Maguire the day started like any other.

The experienced teacher left the home she shared with her husband – she would never see either again.

Ann could never have known the terrible fate that awaited her when she arrived for a normal day of lessons at Corpus Christi Catholic College in Leeds on April 28 five years ago.

Depraved William Cornick was just 15 when he carried out the brutal attack on his Spanish teacher.

He had a sick grudge against the 61-year-old, who was just months away from retiring when she was brutally stabbed to death in front of horrified colleagues and pupils.

Ann had banned Cornick from a school trip because he had failed to do his homework.

It was a decision that sparked a chilling campaign of hatred against the well respected teacher.

Cornick’s grudge began to deepen and he started sending classmates disturbing messages about murdering his teacher.

One read: “The only absolute f****** bitch that deserves more than death, more than pain and more than torture, more than anything we can understand.

“As long as she is alive, I’ll be depressed, sad and angry… so there’s only one thing to do.”

He had even offer school friends a “tenner” to kill Ann in the weeks before her death.

But it was Cornick’s chilling actions in the seconds before he stabbed his dedicated teacher to death that were the most chilling.

As he calmly rose from his seat in the classroom next to Ann’s, Cornick winked at a fellow pupil before walking into the neighbouring room and launching his violent assault.

The teenager stabbed Ann seven times in her back and neck with a 21cm blade.

Clutching her neck, the teacher tried to run away and fell into the arms of colleague Susan Francis, who had heard the commotion and come running.

Tragically, Ann bled to death in the classroom.

While he was waiting for the police to arrive, Cornick calmly sat down and muttered “good times”.

Following his arrest the disturbed teen said he “didn’t give a s***” about the devastating impact of his gruesome crime.

Dr John Kent, who carried out Cornick’s psychiatric assessment, told The Sun: “ One comment was very notable, he said I know the victim’s family will be upset but I don’t care, in my eyes everything I’ve done is fine and dandy.”

Cornice’s decision to violently murder his teacher in front of horrified classmates was all the more shocking as he had previously been a model pupil.

Described as very bright with a 100 percent attendance record, the teenager had hoped for a glittering career in the army.

But when he was diagnosed with diabetes aged 12, these dreams were shattered.

The youngster continued to do well at school but has been described by those who knew him at school as a “loner” who was “obsessed with computer games”.

Cornice’s parents were said to be devoted to him and he came from a stable home.

He was so clever he had even taken some of his GCSEs early.

Cornice’s actions have baffled psychologists, who have said there were no markers or red flags to suggest he would carry out such a brutal crime.

Dr Keri Nixon, who will appear in new QuestRed series Britain’s Deadliest Kids, said: “It’s very rare but there have been times in my career where I’ve met someone with very little in their background to cause such behaviour.

“You can’t find an explanation and you do think this person just seems to be evil. Those cases are quite chilling.”

Cornice was one such case for the psychologist.

She said: “There were none of the usual disturbing signs, it could have been anyone’s child.

“We didn’t see the usual background in the case that we would usually see in someone who would be very violent.

“That was what was so shocking.”

And Dr Nixon has also urged others to report disturbing behaviour like Cornick’s, something none of his schoolfriend did.

She added: “It was also a case of bystander apathy, his friends assumed somebody else must be dealing with it because what he was saying was so bad.

“But when we see or hear behaviour like this, we need to be aware and report it.”

Cornick pleaded guilty to murdering Ann, and has never given an explanation as to why he carried out the unprovoked killing.

He was sentenced to a life behind bars and must serve at least 20 years.

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