Teen ‘harassed’ by man on bus searching for mystery stranger who walked her home

A teen 'harassed' by a man on a bus is searching for the mystery stranger who came to her aid – and walked her home in the pouring rain.

Kitty Lunness wants to properly say thank you after the ordeal which left her in tears and fearing for her safety.

The 18-year-old was travelling from Bristol towards Wells when a man in his 40s sat next to her and kept staring at her legs.

Kitty, from Chew Valley, Somerset, said there were lots of empty seats on the service, and she immediately felt uncomfortable, reports Bristol Live.

The man then jumped up as soon as he saw her press the stop button and waited on the pavement for her to get off the bus, she claims.

At this point Kitty said she started crying, saying to the driver: "I can't get off because he is following me."

She said another man, who was aged in his 20s, then volunteered to walk her home before carrying on with his journey.

"I'm extremely thankful and I didn't get the chance to thank him properly because I was so hysterical at the time," said Kitty.

"He was so kind, he walked me home in the pouring rain, then waited 30 minutes in a nearby shop for the next bus.

"Because he knew I didn't want to talk to any strange men he kept his distance.

"If anyone else sees someone in a similar situation it really helps to try to move the man away. I'm not saying everyone should be walked home but having some awareness really helps."

She said the Good Samaritan had called to the man while they were on the bus saying: "Why don't you sit back here? There's loads of seats."

Kitty said the man repeatedly asked where she was getting off.

Once the bus had driven past the town he said he was getting off, she quizzed him why he had not got off and he replied he was going to 'ride it to the end of the line'.

But around 10 minutes later, he immediately jumped up when she went to leave.

Kitty said she attempted to report the incident to police but was told because no crime was committed there was nothing they could do.

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