Surprising nicknames the royals have for each other including Kate Middleton’s name for the Queen

When it comes to theroyals, members of the family are subject to various traditions that have been passed from generation to generation.

In fact, one notable tradition regards the titles that royals are given depending on their position in the line of succession.

And while the matter may be a rather complicated affair, when it comes down to it, the royals are just like any other family and have their own special nicknames.

So, away from the HRH titles, let’s take a look at some very regal nicknames…

Kate’s nickname for Princess Charlotte

During a visit to Belfast, theDuchess of Cambridge spoke to blogger Laura-Ann about their family lives.

As Laura-Ann revealed that she had a four year old son called Bertie, Kate replied and mentioned that the little one was nearly the same age asPrincess Charlotte, who she referred to as ‘Lottie’.

William’s nickname for the Queen

Whilethe Queen has many titles, not many people are aware thatPrince William used to refer to his grandmother as ‘Gary ’.

The surprising nickname was revealed when a youngPrince William fell over at Buckingham Palace and could be heard crying “Gary, Gary!”

A guest quickly rushed to help young William and asked who he meant by “Gary”, according to theDaily Mail.

The Queen scooped her grandson up and revealed that she was in fact “Gary”.

Prince George’s nickname for William

While on an engagement in Leicester, Kate spoke to a member of the crowd who was given an insight into the younger members of the Cambridge household.

Speaking to reporters, crowd member Fiona Sturgess revealed: “Kate said that William was playing football with the children last night and one of them said, I think it was George, ‘Are you playing football tomorrow, Pops?’”

The Queen Mother’s nickname for the Queen

When she was a toddler and unable to pronounce the word Elizabeth properly, the Queen was given the nickname ‘Lilibet’ by her parents.

Since then, those closest to Her Majesty, includingPrince Philip, continued to refer to the monarch by her affectionate nickname.

Most recently, the Queen’s nickname hit the headlines afterMeghan Markle and Prince Harry chose to name their baby girl Lilibet.

Princess Diana’s nickname for William

Growing up, Prince William had the nickname ‘Wombat’, which was given to him by his mother Princess Diana.

While speaking to NBC in 2007, the Duke of Cambridge admitted that the name had followed him into adulthood.

“I can’t get rid of it now,” he joked.

“It began when I was two. I’ve been rightfully told because I can’t remember back that far, but when we went to Australia with our parents, and the wombat, you know, that’s the local animal, so I just basically got called that, not because I look like a wombat, or maybe I do.”

Prince George’s nickname for the Queen

As part of an interview to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday back in April 2016, doting mum Kate opened up aboutPrince George ’s relationship with his great grandmother.

“George is only two-and-a-half and he calls her Gan-Gan,” said the Duchess of Cambridge.

According to reports,the other Cambridge children have followed in George's footsteps and also call their great-grandmother Gan-Gan.

Kate’s nickname for the Queen

While anyone who meets the Queen is required to address Her Majesty as Ma’am or your majesty, a select few are able to call her something different.

According to Ingrid Seward, Kate Middleton is among a group of people who are allowed to refer to the Queen as ‘Mama’.

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