Spiky Shoulder Pads Are a Thing, And Kang Daniel Is Not Feeling Them

Wearing “tennis ball green” can be a hit or miss. Or at least that’s what the singer Kang Daniel told us on Drip or Drop. Kang sat down with Cosmo to give the people what they need: some unfiltered fashion opinions. While some people may feel tempted to hold back in this arena, Kang kept it real, in the sweetest way possible.

For example, when presented with the unique “motocross pants” trend, Kang innocently asked, “they wear that?” Which honestly was enough of an answer on its own. He circled back and gave the pants “drip,” because he believes they very well could’ve been something he’s worn on stage before. Fair enough, Kang.

When it comes to a trend like extra oversized coats, the singer said that there are limits. Kang says to drop it if your coat’s touching the ground folks. We also had him react to other interesting fashion trends, like spiky shoulder pads, capes, and long shorts, so check out the rest of the vid to see how he ranks them! Also be sure to check out Kang’s new track PARANOIA, out now!

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