Social media snaps capture VERY questionable interior design decisions

House of horrors! Hilarious snaps capture VERY questionable interior design decisions – from a toilet with carpeted walls to a staircase that’s missing half its steps

  • Bizarre interior design decisions are captured in these hilarious photographs 
  • Include a downstairs bathroom with hairy walls and a wavy doorway
  • One kitchen features a fridge that doesn’t touch the floor

From floating fridges to hair-covered walls, these interior design decisions will leave you baffled. 

The bizarre sights were shared on social media by people from around the world, and the very best – or worst – examples collated in a Bored Panda gallery. 

Examples include a renovated period property with a wooden roof beam that cuts across the top floor, making it impassable, and a toilet seat that is completely covered in shells. 

Elsewhere there is a room that curves inwards at the top in a quirk of architecture and a doorway that is wavy rather than straight.  

They had one job! A Reddit user shared this photo of a kitchen with a protruding sink

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Reaching for a reason: The team behind this kitchen left the fridge suspended off the ground

Mind-bending! This wavy doorway looks like it belongs in a house of mirrors

Mind your head! This mezzanine is blocked by a wooden beam across the landing

Loo-sing the plot? A Reddit user from Iowa shared this bizarre bathroom with a carpeted wall (left). Right, a pebble-covered toilet spotted by a user from Idaho

Watch your step! These doors look grand from the outside… but open onto a staircase

Don’t look down! This toilet should come with a health warning (left). Right, an irritatingly small piece of raised carpet in the corner of a room

More is more! A contractor from Louisiana shared this with the caption: ‘Who says crown molding is overdone?’

Up the drain it goes! An American Reddit user snapped this ineffectual shower drain

Watch your step! This house in Minnesota features some dangerous stairs

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