September 28 – On This Day: 35 years since Olympian Ben Johnson was exposed

35 years ago (1988) We reported how the shamed sprinter Ben Johnson was sent home from the Seoul Olympics in South Korea after being stripped of his gold medal following his positive test for performance-enhancing drugs. The Canadian athlete was banned from competing for two years and stripped of all the other world records and medals he held.

95 years ago (1928) Scottish physician and microbiologist Alexander Fleming discovered an antibacterial mould growing in his laboratory at St Mary’s Hospital, west London which Fleming named penicillin.

It would be some years before it was mass produced but by 1944 it was being used to treat wounded Allied forces in the Second World War.

59 years ago (1964) The Warren Commission found there was no conspiracy behind the assassination of President John F Kennedy, concluding gunman Lee Harvey Oswald had acted entirely alone.

It also reported nightclub owner Jack Ruby, who fatally shot Oswald at a Dallas police station, had acted on his own initiative.

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