‘RHOA’s Porsha Williams ‘Elated & Relieved’ To Finally Share Baby PJ With The World

Fans had to wait seven weeks to see Porsha Williams’ daughter PJ’s beautiful face at the end of her ‘RHOA’ spinoff series. Now she can’t wait to show off her baby girl every chance she gets.

Thanks to Porsha WilliamsReal Housewives of Atlanta Bravo pregnancy spinoff Porsha’s Having a Baby, fans had to wait until the final episode on May 9 to finally get to see her daughter PJ‘s face. Now that the series is over she’s been sharing Instagram pics of her daughter non-stop. “Porsha feels so elated and relieved that the episode finally aired where you can see baby PJ’s face. That was honestly the hardest secret for her to keep,” a source close to the 37-year-old tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“She will be sharing pictures of baby PJ constantly now that she’s allowed to. Of course baby PJ will be filmed when Housewives starts back up in June,” our insider continues. Since her spinoff ended, Porsha has been sharing pics of her seven-week-old daughter sleeping, yawning, getting a bath and all of the things that Georgia peach had been dying to share with fans since her baby was born on March 22. Little Pilar Jhena even has her own Instagram account where mama Porsha can finally share full view photos of her little pride and joy.

Even though Porsha and RHOA co-star NeNe Leakes, 51, are embroiled in the middle of a bitter feud at the moment, not even that can bring her down when it comes to the joys of being a new mom. “Porsha really has been surrounding herself with those who lift her up, and she truly feels like Nene is not one of those people. However, she’s fine filming with her as it’s a job for her. She just doesn’t want the drama and stress at a time like this when she’s so happy. But she’s ready to just get it over with and see Nene.”

Took mommy 30min to get me to lay down like this so she can try to put on a lil makeup for daddy lol ? #ToughCookie #7Weeks

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The ladies go back to work in June and as we told EXCLUSIVELY, they will step up and be professionals despite their differences. “At the end of the day, both women view RHOA as a job and can be total professionals if they need to be when filming. They aren’t afraid of filming with the other whatsoever. To them, the show is work and that’s how they make their money, so they’ll show up no matter who is or isn’t involved.”

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