Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington Share a First Look at Little Fires Everywhere

How does Reese Witherspoon find time to breathe? Because the 43-year-old actress has so, so may projects in the works. In addition to starring in and executive producing Big Little Lies alongside Nicole Kidman, as well as an upcoming Apple TV series with Jennifer Aniston, the actress is teaming up with yet another powerhouse star: Kerry Washington. The women are currently shooting a limited series based on Celeste Ng’s widely popular bestseller, Little Fires Everywhere. While a premiere date is likely still far, far in the future, here’s what we know.

What Is Little Fires Everywhere About?

The novel takes place in a wealthy Ohio community in the ’90s and hinges around a falling out between two families: the Warrens and the Richardsons. Witherspoon’s character, Elena, is the uptight matriarch of the latter, which is a picture-perfect, all-American family that includes her lawyer husband and their four high school-age kids. Looks can be deceiving, however, as cracks in the Richardson family’s flawless facade begin to show when artist and single mom Mia Warren (Washington) comes to town with her daughter, Pearl, and they take up residence in a property that Elena manages.

As their families begin to become wrapped up in each others’ lives in varying ways — friendships and romances blossom, as does heartbreak and tragedy — a controversy in their town erupts when a white family adopts a Chinese-American baby and her birth mother comes forward to claim her.

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