Quality Street shortage fears for this Christmas

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Nestle has confirmed it is the latest business to be affected by the HGV lorry driver crisis and warns that shortages and delays could impact getting Quality Street to shops this Christmas.

Nestle ensures it is “working hard” to ensure there are enough Quality Street tins available for shoppers this festive season, but could make no promises.

Mark Schneider, chief executive of Nestle, told the BBC: “Like other businesses, we are seeing some labour shortages and some transportation issues.

“But, it is our UK team’s top priority to work constructively with retailers to supply them.”

Nestle, which also makes Milkybar, Smarties, Aero and KitKat, said there is no indication shops are running out of its products as of yet.

A spokesperson for Nestle said: “We are working hard to mitigate those issues and are not seeing a material impact on supply.

“Our factory in Halifax manufactures up to 12 million Quality Street sweets every day and there will be plenty to go around this Christmas.”

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It comes after Rishi Sunak admitted there will be food shortages this Christmas as there is no “magic wand” to resolve the supply chain crisis, but insisted the Government is doing its best to “mitigate the problem”.

Nick Allen, chief executive of the British Meat Processors Association, has said Christmas turkeys are likely to be from the continent this year due to labour shortages in Britain following Brexit.

But, shoppers have been told that there is no need to panic buy as there is plenty of food to go round.

Tory chairman Oliver Dowden echoed this on Sky News and ensured that the Government will “make sure people have their turkeys for Christmas”.

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