Plus size model defies trolls who call her whale by flaunting killer curves

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    A body positivity influencer cruelly trolled over her appearance has defied trolls to showcase her killer curves – and hopes others follow suit.

    Singer and model Chel, from Los Angels in California, US, spent most of her life avoiding wearing tight clothes as she wanted avoid people staring.

    But since becoming a plus size model, she has learned to embrace her body and become part of the body positivity Tiktok community.

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    In one clip she posted, she bravely showed off her "insecurities", from stretch marks on her armpit to lines around her tummy.

    She also tilted her head up and pointed at her double chin before pinching the fat under her arm.

    "No body is the same, but all bodies are beautiful. I love that this is a safe space to share my insecurities with you – for anyone that needs it I am here for you!" Chel wrote.

    Speaking to Daily Star, the 31-year-old said she felt a "punch to the gut" when her posts were flooded with negative comments.

    She said: "I can't count the amount of times I've been called a cow, a pig, or a whale.

    "As I pushed forward, I tried to respond to the mean comments with positivity and realised that the impact I was having positivitely outweighed the negative."

    Being a plus size influencer, Chel has been trolled in the past for "promoting an unhealthy lifestyle".

    Some asked her if she has tried going to the gym and suggested wearing baggy clothes to hide her curves.

    When Chel realised other big girls were having the same issues, she had the best solution for them to "hit back" at the haters.

    "Don't hide, the most beautiful quality a person can have is inner love and self peace," she told this site.

    "Wear the outfit. Don’t be afraid to stand out. If anyone in your life is making you feel bad about your weight or about how you look, get rid of them or spend less time with them."

    But she also has a message to encourage others – be kind to yourself and forgive yourself.

    She added: "No one is perfect and we all have our moments. We are not all going to be 100% confident all the time.

    "If you’re not feeling your best, that’s OK. Start again tomorrow. Just try to be kind and gentle with yourself."


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