Petrol prices could drop by as much as tenner in next two weeks, says AA

The cost of a tank of petrol could drop by a fair bit within the next two weeks, according to the AA.

It could be great news for drivers who will be filling up in two weeks as the average prices are down to 188.76p a litre for petrol.

As for diesel car owners, the amount might drop down to 196.96p a litre.

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Prices have fallen from record highs seen in recent months since the war in Ukraine and sanctions on Russian oil.

An AA spokesman reckons a fall in price could follow but it would be down to the fuel trade passing savings on to the customer.

Luke Bosdet said: "Wholesale petrol's trajectory would lead to savings of a tenner off a tank from the record highs.

"The problem is that, in many places, the price cuts are quite simply not happening despite more than six weeks of falling costs.

"Roads may suffer extreme heat… but pump prices should have cooled off much more significantly by now."

Liberal Democrat MP Jamie Stone said people living in rural parts of the UK are facing higher costs than others in urban areas.

Lib Dem analysis shows households in rural areas can pay £114 a week in transport costs, nearly £40 more than in towns and cities.

Mr Stone demanded action from the Tory MPs who are fighting to become the next Prime Minister.

The party also wants an emergency cut in VAT, reducing the charge from 20% to 17.5%.

Meanwhile eye-opening figures show the price of food has also gone up by almost 10% in one year.

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