Nine things Toby Carvery workers want to tell customers but cant

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    What would Sundays be without a trip down to Toby Carvery?

    The pub chain boasts more than 150 outlets in the UK – and it's become a past-time for many looking to get their roast dinner fix at the weekend.

    But have you ever wondered what employees think when you’re scoffing down your lunch? Chances are, they're not as fond of you as you are to them.

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    Here's what an Aussie thought when she tried Toby Carvery for the first time.

    Daily Star caught up with workers of the pub chain, who revealed the perks and downfalls of working for the popular roast restaurant.

    While some employees revealed they smell like gravy all day, others raved about the free dinners they have to ward off hangovers. So here are nine secrets Toby Carvery workers want to tell customers, but can’t…

    1. Yes, we do get free food

    This is one of the biggest perks of the job – as who doesn’t love piling their plates high with roast potatoes? Especially when you don’t have to pay for them.

    Many Toby Carvery outlets offer staff a 33% discount across all outlets – but the employees we spoke to got a lot of grub without having to spend any money. Bonus marks if you've got a shift on a hangover as the food will sort you right out.

    2. We say sorry hundreds of times per shift

    There’s customers everywhere – even more so on a Sunday. So weaving in between them – while grinning and apologising – has become quite the skill.

    We know it’s busy, but would really appreciate if you leave room for us when we’re clearing plates.

    3. Refill your own drinks

    If you have a bottomless drink and are able to refill it yourself, do so. And don’t get us started on customers who want a top up every five minutes.

    4. It’s all gravy

    They say you shouldn’t take work home with you, but there’s one reminder that many of us can’t forget. There have been many occasions where I’ve arrived home smelling like gravy. Oooh tasty.

    5. Our feet are gross

    Anyone working in hospitality will tell you the toll working takes on your feet – and working at Toby Carvery is no exception.

    Rushing around all day in smart shoes leaves us with hard soles and gross blisters that make us shy away from sandals during our holidays. And don't get us started on all the bruises we get from carrying heavy plates too!

    6. It's hard to stay slim

    You'd think you'd stay fit by staying on your feet all day. But we must admit, being surrounded by delicious-smelling food all day can be detrimental to our waistlines.

    Even if we resist the urge to tuck in on shift, it's very tempting to start scoffing when we get home.

    7. Running out of meat can be a good thing

    Pile your plates high, punters. When food supplies run low, we’re sometimes able to leave early… jackpot!

    8. Staff discount makes us VERY popular

    Who doesn’t want to get money off their Sunday roasts? Our staff perks go down a treat with friends and family who can get a third off when they're with us too.

    9. Don’t forget to tip

    While the Carvery is self service, we still have to tidy up after you. Spare a thought for those who are run off their feet on Sunday afternoons.

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