My partner insists on watching TV in bed while I sleep and I’ve just had enough of his behaviour – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: MY partner insists he needs the TV on to go to sleep and will come to bed and turn it on even if I’m already asleep.

He’s 31 and often gets home late from work, long after I’ve gone to bed. I’m 32 with a nine-to-five job, a normal bedtime, and the TV wakes me up.

I’m so tired it’s affecting my job as well as our relationship. I understand he wants to unwind, but why can’t he watch TV in the living room and then come to bed?

DEIDRE SAYS: Sleep experts are on your side, saying that we should have no screens in the bedroom – not even phones.

In fact, we shouldn’t look at any screen at least an hour before we want to go to sleep.

Simply move the TV out of your bedroom and insist phones or laptops are left in the living room.

You will have to follow that rule, too, so buy an alarm clock if you need to – but you’ll probably find you sleep all the better for it.

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