‘My family tried to gatecrash my honeymoon – then argued I ruined their holiday’

A honeymoon is meant to be an incredibly memorable time for a married couple and one pair of newlyweds certainly won't be forgetting their honeymoon anytime soon.

That's because the husband's parents attempted to gatecrash the trip and turn it into a bizarre family holiday.

And it's fair to say the man was less than impressed with his relatives.

The unnamed guy is so angry at his family for trying to mess up his "awesome" honeymoon plan that he's now considering cutting them out of his life completely.

In a post on Reddit's Am I The A**hole forum he explained what happened and asked for some advice on the strange situation.

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He wrote: "My wife and I got married on Saturday. We had a small wedding so that we could have an awesome honeymoon and still have savings left.

"When we mentioned our plans, my parents wanted to come with us and make a family vacation out of our honeymoon. I shut that down immediately.

"But in the last few months they started 'joking' about 'just showing up' where we were planning to go.

"Half because of this and half because we found a great deal, we decided to go to another, even cooler, place but didn't tell my parents."

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He continued to say: "Sunday night I get a bunch of texts from my mom, dad and brother wanting to know where we are. Yep, they showed up at the original honeymoon location as a 'fun surprise'. Like, what the actual f**k?

"They were p***ed that I 'betrayed' them by lying and even more p***ed that I refuse to tell them where we are now.

"They did apologise as well as saying they 'forgive me for ruining their first family vacation in a decade'.

"They want to just put this behind us and move on, but the thing is, I don't want to."

The man goes on to admit that it's not the first time his family have interfered in his life, having previously shown up on his date nights as well.

More than 700 people responded to his Reddit post, with many agreeing he has to take drastic action as his family aren't respecting his boundaries.

One commented: "Congrats on your wedding. You made your boundaries clear and they aren't respecting them. So you need to escalate unfortunately."

Another wrote: "Boundaries not being respected PLUS a history of them doing this kind of thing shows they aren’t going to stop. You need to be the adult and explain why you feel taking this step is necessary."

A third thought his parents' behaviour was "ridiculous" but suggested some "time away" instead of completely cutting them out of his life.

Someone else added: "Maybe you don't have to cut them off forever but I think you should make a clear declaration that what they did was massively inappropriate and you need some space for awhile.

"Periodically reevaluate how you feel about them, maybe take a few months at first and see if you miss them."

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