My dad died before my wedding – but my husband found genius way to include him

A bride was devastated that her late dad couldn't attend her wedding – but her husband found a clever way to show support.

The woman, who posts online under the username @skimcareee, was heartbroken that her dad wasn't alive to see her get married and was facing a wedding with no father-of the-bride traditions.

But her husband-to-be devised a clever solution to ensure her dad would still be part of their day — bringing a smile to her face in the process.

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In the clip, which has gained more than 172,000 likes, her groom was seen holding a pint in one hand and the life-side image of her father in the other. He danced around with a cut-out of his deceased father-in-law, which went down a treat with guests.

Over the top of the clip, she wrote: "POV: Your dead dad has risen from the dead and is now dancing with your husband on your wedding day."

She wrote in the caption: "Imagine walking down the aisle and seeing a cut out of your dead dad waiting for you. My husband ladies and gents."

She added that she thought it was a "fab idea" for anyone with parents who died before their kid's wedding day.

TikTok viewers were left floored by the bloke's clever solution as they took to the comments in hysterics over the video. One user said: "This is so hilarious but could have gone so badly hahahahaha."

To which, the bride replied: "100% hahahahah but I’m so thankful that my husband just gets me." Another commented: "Your wedding is a vibe."

A third wrote: "This is the best thing I’ve ever seen." Meanwhile, a fourth added: "This is willddddd but I rate it so much."

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However, other users admitted they thought her dad was someone else as they took to the comments claiming they thought the cutout was of King Charles III or Colonel Sanders (from the KFC logo). A viewer wrote: "HELP I THOUGHT IT WAS KING CHARLES."

Another commented: "Upon first glance, I thought he was dancing with a cardboard standup of Colonel Sanders from KFC." A third added: "I thought it was a Chris Tarrant cut out at first. This is elite level of dark humour."

Responding to comments branding the clip "dark humour", she replied: "Dark humour gets you through it."

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