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MOULD is often found in bathrooms where damp conditions help it to thrive.

Mildew spores may appear on the ceilings and walls as black, white or green patches.

The problem can grow in winter, with the dark and damps homes providing the ideal environment for mould to thrive.

The good news is, there are simple and cost-effective ways to keep your bathroom in tip-top condition and mould free, according to Drench bathroom expert Dominic Lees-Bell.

And in even better news, it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to put right.

He said: "Unfortunately, the colder the bathroom, the more likely you are to have mould spores forming due to excess moisture and poor ventilation.



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"And this can also mean you are wasting energy trying to heat a room that will never get warm enough. 

“That’s why it is really important to insulate your bathroom properly and invest in efficient heating to ensure it stays warm enough in the winter."

One of the best and cheapest ways to protect your bathroom is to replace the silicone sealant on the window edges, Dominic said.

He added: "The sealant around window edges can begin to deteriorate over time leaving gaps for cold air to enter the bathroom or for heat to be lost."

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"Resealing window edges with silicone sealant is not only simple but can do wonders in helping your bathroom to insulate heat."

Plus, creating a watertight seal will prevent moisture from reaching the areas behind the adhesive, where mould could easily thrive.

Dominic added: "A tube of sealant will cost less than a fiver from either Amazon or your local DIY supplier and is really easy to apply. Once dry it will provide months and months of protection. "

You can pick up a tube of Everbuild showerproof bathroom silicone for £3.20 at Toolstation, or a Souldal multipurpose silicone sealant for £3.10 on Amazon.

It always pays to compare prices so you know you're getting the best deal, and remember to factor in the cost of delivery if you're ordering online.

Prices can also vary day to day and by what deals are on at the time, plus remember you might pay for delivery if you're ordering online.

You can compare prices on platforms like Google Shopping.

What if I already have mould in my home?

Many experts say that bleach is all you need if you neither own nor want to buy specialised cleaning sprays and paints.

If using bleach, mix four parts of water with one part bleach

You'll also need a stiff brush, a bucket of water with cloth, and another cloth for drying

Apply your solution to the affected areas (including a few inches around visible mould to kill any mould not yet visible)

Scrub it firmly with a strong brush

Wait for as long as possible or until the mould completely disappears from sight and rinse the treated areas thoroughly.

Pat dry the area and allow it to completely dry before moving any furniture or placing items in front of the area.

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