Mum's plea for help after 'nightmare' find in bathroom

Mum begs for help after ‘horrifying’ find in bathroom: ‘I never even knew this was possible’

  • A Queensland mum was shocked to find string-like objects beneath her bath mat
  • She pleaded for help with getting rid of the unwanted items 

A mum was horrified after discovering a ‘nightmare’ sight in her bathroom one day.

Karyina, from Queensland, simply picked up her shower mat to clean the floor when she was met with long, stringy, white-coloured figures.

The woman’s mind instantly went to dark places and she expected worms to wriggle about, but the reality was much more manageable.

Her bath mat had melted into the floor and left behind rubber strands that closely resembled worms.

Karyina pleaded for help because she couldn’t figure out how to get the strands off her tiles. 

Karyina, from Queensland, simply picked up her shower mat to clean the floor when she was met with long, stringy, white-coloured figures

The mum posted a photo of her predicament on a popular social media group. 

‘How would you deal with this?’ she asked.

‘It’s from a bath mat melting into the floor, what can I use to get it off?’

Karyina was devastated when she found that she could not scrub the residue out.

Many were still focused on what the rubber strands appear to be on first glance.

‘I thought that was f***ing worms – had a heart attack for a minute there,’ said one woman.

‘Did anyone else freak out thinking it was worms of some sort?!’

A third added, ‘Lord, I thought that was worms.’

One woman warned against many DIY solutions as they had the potential to damage tiles

Others offered some possible solutions – with several urging Karyina to use a ‘goo remover’ like Orange Power Sticky Spot or Goo Disolver.

‘Oh no, do yourself a favour go to Bunnings and buy Goo remover. It’s bloody amazing on anything sticky! Especially that!’

‘Boiling hot water from the kettle should help.’

‘If those are porcelain tiles, get some acetone from an auto shop (don’t use nail polish remover), pour it on, leave it for five minutes, and then rub it off with a rag.’

‘Pour some paint thinner on and scrape it away with a plastic paint scraper.’

‘Eucalyptus oil worked well for me the last time it happened.’

But one woman warned against many DIY solutions.

‘I had this on my tile floor, and  the only thing that worked for me with no damage at all was a steam mop with a brush – be very careful if you use other products, you may scratch or damage the colour of the tiles.’

How to clean melted rubber mats off of tiled floors

Steam mop: heat the area with your mop and brush away the rubber 

Goo remover: apply directly onto cloth and dab at the tile. Rinse or wipe off with soapy water. Repeat if necessary

Boiling water: pour some water directly from the kettle onto the spot and wait for it to soak in. Scrub away with soft sponge

Acetone: purchase acetone from an auto shop, pour directly onto affected area, and let it soak for five minutes before rubbing it off with a rag

Paint thinner: pour some directly on the tiles and leave to soak according to the product’s instructions. Use a plastic scraper to scrape away

Eucalyptus oil: soak a cloth with the oil and rub in circular motions  

Several were still shocked that such an occurrence was a possibility at all.

‘Holy heck, I have never seen that before.’

‘What a nightmare, I had no idea this could happen.’

‘Right, well I’ve added this to my list of things I never thought I’d have to worry about but clearly I f***ing do.’

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