Mum of twins reveals easy trick she uses to tell baby sons apart

Parenting a new baby is difficult as it is, let alone having two that look exactly the same.

Before twins get older and develop more of their own features and traits, it can be hard to tell them apart – even if you’re their mum.

Author and nutritionist Rosanna Davison recently had twin boys – Hugo and Oscar – and is, understandably, exhausted during night feeds and the ups and downs that come with having new babies.

In the dark, or when she’s tired, the influencer from Ireland admitted that it can be hard to tell them apart, so she came up with an ingenious solution to do so.

Speaking on her Instagram stories, the mum-of-three said: ‘They are absolutely identical apart from the fact that Hugo here is slightly smaller than his brother Oscar.

‘So I came up with a way to tell them apart as recommended by other twin mums.

‘He’ll probably be pretty annoyed with me when he’s older but I bought some special toxic-free child friendly nail polish to paint on a couple of Hugo’s fingers in this very fetching turquoise colour.

‘Just in case if there’s any confusion, we can tell our sons apart.’

By painting Hugo’s nails brightly, she can tell the boys apart even if she’s half asleep and befuddled by the sound of them crying.

Non-toxic nail polish for children can be bought for a few pounds online, with cruelty-free options and a selection of colours.

One mum recently went a step further by tattooing a freckle onto one of her twins to tell the difference.

The small tattoo caused controversy online, but the mother explained that it was because one of her babies had a medical condition and needed to stand out so caregivers wouldn’t accidentally inject the wrong twin with his medication.

On babies that small, tattoos typically fade after two to three years, too, so it won’t be an indelible mark and will be gone long before they start to set themselves apart as toddlers.

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