Mum filmed badger breaking into freezer – and he loved bubblegum ice cream

A mum filmed a hungry badger breaking into her freezer and wolfing down her food after setting up a camera in her kitchen.

Hannah Carver, from Gosport, Hampshire, has been forced to lock the home appliance after a badger kept creeping into her home and gorging on her food.

The 29-year-old spotted the huge animal coming in through the cat flap on her front door after wrongly suspecting a fox was to blame for the nightly raids.

She had been waking up to sounds of crashing and banging from her kitchen – and found the room covered in half-eaten frozen foods and wrappers.

When the barmaid told pals they would not believe her – so she set up a camera and saw the badger creeping in, clawing open the fridge and gorging on frozen treats.

The furry raider has a soft spot for ice lollies – and one clip shows him hilariously opening up and wolfing down countless bubblegum flavour ice creams.

It has also eaten its way through Twister ice lollies, mash potato, crumpets and Chinese style pork chops – but turned its nose up at scallops.

Hannah asked the council and various animal charities for help, but said she's been told there is little she can do because the species is protected.

Baffled Hannah, who has a six-year-old son, had to install child locks on the freezer.

But it did not stop the badger creeping in and rifling through her bins, and trying to break into a cupboard containing treats.

She said: "I've got to do something about it.

"I don't want my son coming downstairs and coming face to face with a badger.

"And the mess it's making, and the amount of food it's eating – it's unreal.

"The council told me to ring this animal charity. He laughed. He thought it was a hoax call.

"I tried turning around the freezer to face the wall so that it would stop eating the food. But it's still coming in.

"It's eaten a whole pack of wraps, crumpets and it loves ice lollies.

"It's had chicken, Chinese style pork chops and – you won't believe it – mash potato.

"Nothing is safe from this badger – apart from scallops. It took those out and then just dumped them on the floor.

"It loves all the good stuff which now we don't get to eat. You've got to get in their quick before the badger.

"I need to stop it. I can't keep replacing the food just for a badger to eat.

"It is trying to get into a cupboard where I have another freezer and snacks. It's tried to rip the grate off the door. It must have massive claws.

"I went to do a food shop yesterday. I didn't get any frozen food for the pure fact it can't by kept away from the badger."

Hannah said she discovered a creature was raiding her home around two weeks ago, when she found the bin contents all over the floor one morning.

The freezer door was open, and there was food from it all over the room.

Initially she thought foxes were causing the midnight mess in the kitchen – but could not work out how they were opening the freezer door.

But a few days later she was having a drink in her kitchen after work at around 1am, and saw it creep in before scampering off.

"At first I thought someone had been in the house. I woke up and the kitchen was in a total state," she said.

"I thought someone had been in the house.

"The bin was everywhere. The freezer drawers were all open and broken. There was stuff all over the floor.

"I thought maybe it was a fox because you always hear about them trashing bins. But I couldn't get my head around how it was getting into my freezer.

"No one believed me.

"I mean I can't blame them. It's not something you hear about. I thought I've got to get this on camera."

But with only a two hour recording capacity on her phone, it was a few more nights before she caught it on camera, on Tuesday (14th).

During a 50 minute picnic, it ate its way through dinners and ice creams.

"You could see it walking around, and then sitting down and tucking into the ice creams, ripping the wrapper off and just sitting there chomping it," she said.

She said she spoke to Environmental Health at Gosport Borough Council who she said referred her to an animal charity.

"He thought it was a hoax," she said.

"I mean I was telling him I had a badger coming in my house and raiding my freezer and eating all my food in the middle of the night.

"All he could advise was making my house badger proof, but they are little tanks.

"He said even if I block up the cat flap, once they know there is food and a way in, they will just try and break through.

"I've had a search online and apparently they don't like male urine.

"So what am I supposed to do? Grab a man off the street and get him to wee up against my front door?

"I've got two cats and a child. If it comes through door when the cats are around, I don't want to find them injured, or worse, dead. I don't want my little boy coming down either."

Hannah installed child locks on the freezer but it did not stop the badger coming in and attacking the freezer.

So she went to show her letting agent her CCTV, and they blocked the flap up with wood on Saturday.

"It looks awful but it seems to have stopped him," she said.

"You can see scratches on the wood though where he has tried to come in.

"And he was coming back every night until this was put up Saturday."

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