Mrs Hinch’s must-have Minky cloth slammed by fans after they notice ‘change’

Mrs Hinch's must-have Minky cloth has been slammed by fans complaining the product has fallen apart in their hands or arrived in different sizes.

Cleaning sensation Sophie Hinchliffe – aka Mrs Hinch – caused a frenzy last year when she told her millions of followers it was one of her secret weapons.

The mum-to-be from Essex swears by the green antibacterial double-sided pad, which she calls 'Minkeh', to clean surfaces in her kitchen and bathroom.

Shoppers flocked to try and get their hands on one causing the Minky website to crash, the product to immediately sell out every time it was restocked, and forcing some stores to 'ration' them to three per person.

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Some eBayers also took advantage of the hysteria and tried flogging the £2.49 pad for thousands of pounds as people scrambled to snap them up.

However, loyal fans have now fumed that the new batches being sent out by the company are not up to scratch.

Fans have claimed they are badly stitched and a lot bigger compared to the ones bought at the height of its popularity.  

Shona Lyons, 27, from Hull, was "shocked" when she opened her bundle of three Minkys and saw they were "misshapen" and "different sized".

Shona, who bought them off the official Minky website said: "I won't be buying anymore from them. I have emailed them numerous times and still heard nothing back.

"I was a little shocked by the quality of them. It is a shame about them as I really like using them.

"They seem to have been rushed out to make a profit instead of taking time to make them and keeping their customers."

Another shopper, who also bought the £7.47 three-pack bundle off the website, complained to the company and was sent a replacement.

The mum from Edinburgh told Mirror Online: "I actually laughed at how big the first one was when I compared it to one I bought a few months before.

"And then when I noticed how badly stitched it was as well and I was quite annoyed.

"I used them before Mrs Hinch made them popular and they were really good but what customers are receiving now isn't the product Mrs Hinch is promoting.

"I have bought B&M Scrub Buddies and they were better quality than the Minkys I received."

She added: "It's just giving Minky and Mrs Hinch a bad reputation for promoting a product and then receiving something that's badly made."

While Shannon Louise Dennison said: "It has shocked me that they have made poor quality ones, I will not be buying anymore."

Professional private cleaner Kim Cinders Summers has also noticed a difference.

"In all honestly the quality isn't as good," she admitted.

"I'm a professional private cleaner and have used these for some time. Cheaper versions are now so much better, quality, last longer just all round a better product." 

Many others have also taken to dedicated Mrs Hinch fan groups to share their disappointment at the cloths.

One wrote: "Mine lasted a week then fell apart."

Another fumed: "Not giving Minky the custom anymore. They’ve taken advantage of the hype and don’t deserve it. Sticking with M&S or B&M in future. I bought a Minky last week – smaller than usual and now fallen apart."

And a third wrote: "I honestly think Minkys were amazing until Mrs Hinch's social media grew and they couldn’t keep up with demand, they seem to cut corners now to try and get them out quicker."

Mirror Online contacted Minky with these photos and asked if the design had been changed. 

In response a spokesman said: "As the UK's number one premium cleaning and laundry brand we are very proud that the UK consumer has taken our products into their homes, in particular our Minky pad.

"We have sold many thousands of this product and have very strict quality processes in place so customers can be assured they will get the excellent quality they expect from us.

"Our feedback on product quality of the Minky Anti- bacterial MCloth pad has been excellent, with 99.9% of consumers very pleased with the product purchased and the performance in use. 

"In the event a consumer is unhappy with their experience we will endeavour to put this right as a matter of urgency.

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank the millions of customers who support Minky Homecare, our products and our loyal workforce."

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