Model slammed for crying in Tesla as she drives down poverty-stricken street

An influencer has been mercilessly mocked online after posting a "disrespectful" video of herself crying in a Tesla as she drives around poverty-stricken streets in Australia.

Mikaela Testa, who has been documenting her travels around the world after she split up with her boyfriend of three years, Atis Paul, recently posted a “day in the life” video while in Los Angeles, California, with a friend.

The 22-year-old OnlyFans model had rented a Tesla and spent £113 ($130) on salads before driving to the infamous Cecil Hotel, which is famed for the mysterious death of Elisa Lam and has now become an affordable housing complex.

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Testa said she was “obsessed” with the building which has had a reputation for poverty, murder, suicide and violent crimes for decades as she burst into tears.

She said: “Driving through these streets was very heartbreaking, I could not stop crying.

“I couldn’t even make it through, I was not going to get out of the car so I missed out.”

Immediately after, she asked whether “washable Australian money or the American money with blood stains on it” was better.

The video racked up more than 828,000 likes as it became a mockery for other TikTok users who couldn't believe her behaviour.

One user said: "The homelessness makes me cry…..which money is prettier?"

Another wrote: "Did you just drive through Skid Row with a Tesla?”

A third said: "LMFAOOOO she can’t be serious.”

The comments have since been turned off, leading others to post their responses in their own videos.

One user said: "Be for real though, if you weren’t crying were you going to get out of your car?

"Were you going to get out of your Tesla on Skid Row? Would you even roll down your window on Skid Row?”

The content creator added in the comments section: “I’m in no way saying she’s a bad person. I don’t think this was appropriate. I’m one person.

“I’m making a joke but in reality, that video was sad to see from someone I respect.”

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However, some users came to Mikaela's defence as they thanked her for showing the truth about LA as it's not all the glamour of Hollywood.

One user wrote: “As a Californian thank you for showing the real side of LA … it’s not all glitz and glamour! Makes me sad how the homelessness is out there.”

Another added: “People don’t realise what LA is or even Hollywood is, like the amount of homeless people is sad and insane California is very expensive to live there.”


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