Model gets boob job to start OnlyFans account – and now earns £34,000 a month

A glamour model who made a name for herself in magazines around the world has undergone plastic surgery.

Dutch woman Aviannah Élise, 33, has featured in 17 men’s magazines, including PlayBoy, but wanted to move online.

Aviannah decided to sign up to OnlyFans, a subscription service where fans pay a monthly amount to see racy photos and videos, as she was surprised by the earnings other models were making.

OnlyFans became popular with celebrities this year, with Cardi B and Bella Thorne owning accounts.

So, the brunette beauty decided to have 1100ml silicone breast implants ahead of creating her account.

The model claims that her boobs have been compared to “volleyballs” since the surgery.

Aviannah opened the account just a few months ago, but is already making a killing from the site.

Now, with her enhanced assets, the model rakes in £34,000 a week selling access to her saucy snaps.

Aviannah said: “It was a worthwhile investment.

“I already got the amount spent on my surgery in a week.”

The Dutch model isn't the only person to get surgery to enhance their OnlyFans earnings.

Earlier this month, 29-year-old Lissa Aires admitted that she'd spent £40,000 on a series of procedures to get her the "biggest butt" on the platform.

Since doing so she began to earn £75,000 a month and has bought a home in Miami.

Meanwhile, another OnlyFans model reports that she earns £7,000 a month crushing watermelons with her bum.

Plus, it's thought that cabin crew workers are turning to OnlyFans due to the effect of the pandemic on the travel industry.

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