Model flashes boobs on train platform to stop prejudice facing adult stars

A Playboy model flashed her boobs on a train platform as part of a bizarre solo protest.

Cris Galera bared her chest at a Brooklyn station in New York to challenge the stigma against erotic models. "The prejudice models face on adult platforms," she said, inspired her demonstration. The model has featured on the cover of Playboy Australia and is recognised as one of the most famous faces in her industry.

She stated: "It's my body and I show it whatever I want, but that doesn't mean I have to read or listen to nonsense." Cris added that there's still a long way to go before people understand that modelling is a job like any other.

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The model chose the subway for her protest due to its diverse crowd, adding that she was surprised by her reception.

“The Metro has a lot of people from different countries passing from one side to the other, I thought it was the best place for the demonstration, so that many could see it," she explained.

“People stopped me to ask about my toplessness. I wasn't afraid to say that I have an OnlyFans profile. I spoke and they were already dazzled. I suffer much more prejudice in Brazil, which is a shame, we have false freedom and a lot of moralistic discourse,” she said.

Cris previously made headlines in 2021 when she married and then divorced herself.

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She said at the time she was tired of relying on men – so she decided to marry herself instead. Cris also said she was embracing being alone and wasn't "disappointed" she didn't have a groom. But it seems like she's had enough of being a wife to herself after just 90 days.

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