Model dubbed Instagrams bendiest woman says stretching in public turns her on

A model dubbed the "bendiest woman on Instagram" says it's a turn on to flaunt her flexibility in public.

Yaëla Vonk, who studied at the prestigious Royal Conservatory of Ballet in The Hague, often turns heads when she shows off her stretching skills.

The Spanish model, 37, loves the attention and has even stopped traffic in the past.

Her saucy stretching has captured the hearts of fans from across the globe – and sees her rake in thousands each month as she shares photos and videos online.

She said: “Every other day I like to go outside and find a spot to stretch in and show off my flexibility for people

“I love to stretch in public, it feels so liberating."

Yaëla added: “Stretching while breathing in fresh air feels wonderful and it is also a big turn-on.

“It’s even more erotic when other people stare while I bend myself into flexible positions.

“I think I am a little bit of an exhibitionist.”

Yaëla loves pushing the limits with her public displays and has even been known to cause traffic jams.

She said: “I like to stretch everywhere I can. In a park, in shops, in supermarkets, on the beach."

Yaëla continued: “I’ve done it on pedestrian crossings in front of cars that have had to wait for me to finish in order to pass.

“I love to stretch at famous public spaces around the world.

“The more people around me, the more exciting it is for me – it is like giving a show to random people.

“I normally only get nice comments from people who are watching me.

“Some people do feel awkward if, for example, their partner wants to stay staring but they don’t want to.

“Sometimes I hear them laughing but they still keep watching.

“People always take pictures or videos and even applaud when I’m done stretching in public.”

Yaëla began stretching when she was just six years old when she attended her very first ballet class.

She said: “My mum was a dancer as well and she has always been flexible too.

“She can still do the splits now even at 60 years old!

“My hips and legs have always been very flexible but all the ballet training really helped too.

“My flexibility still remains even if I don’t practice sometimes but that is because I trained as a ballet dancer."

“I stretch as often as possible so I do not get stiff muscles.

“I like to do a warm-up to get my muscles nice and relaxed and then I do some strength exercises and stretch for about 30 minutes.

“Anyone can become flexible if they want to but they have to practice.

“I would recommend stretching at least once a day for 15 minutes.

“Even though I am not the bendiest person in the world, I am definitely the most sensually flexible person on social media.”

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