Model bullied over flat chest pays £6k for E-cup boobs – and is obsessed

A model who became “obsessed with breasts” after being bullied for years claims spending $8,000 (£5,900) on plastic surgery has made her feel happier.

Kazumi Squirts, who uses a stage name, was targeted as a teenager for having a “flat chest”, but now says she’s thrilled to have gone from a B to an E cup.

The model even thinks she became “obsessed” with other peoples boobs at the time and would stare at her friends’ and teachers’ breasts wishing that she had some.

Kazumi said: “I always thought having a big chest was the epitome of femininity and found them very appealing.

“I was always very aware that I had small boobs and it was always a known thing that I got made fun of.

“When I was around 13 or 14 and everyone was hitting puberty, people at school would tell me to get a push-up bra and I would always get passed up by boys for bigger chested girls.”

She added: “I was so obsessed with breasts that I would stare at my friends and my teachers who had big boobs and wish I had a pair of my own.

“When a guy I liked didn't want to date me, I'd always check to see if the girl he ended up going out with had bigger boobs than me. They usually did.”

The young woman would wear three push-up bras at the same time to look like she had a bigger chest and would even rent out her mum’s bras to her mates.

Kazumi said: “I was definitely always hyper-aware of my boobs.

“My first ever date with a guy, I wore three Victoria Secret Bombshell push-up bras stacked on top of each other to this pizza place. I had huge boobs and everyone was looking at me."

Kazumi continued: “The feeling of attention on my breasts was addictive and I started to always wear them with super low cut shirts.

“The guys I dated were always confused because I had no boobs at school and giant boobs on our date.”

And, her obsession pushed her to undergo breast augmentation which she paid for with money made selling sexy photos online.

She said: “I seriously always loved boobs. I'd always stare at someone's boobs when talking to them.

“The same way a nice dress or car can occupy someone else's mind for years, it was something I simply had to have.

“At first, I kept asking every sugar daddy I had to pay for them but they all wanted me to basically become their indentured sex slave in return to pay it off."

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She added: “I didn’t fancy that so I decided to just focus on OnlyFans and sell hot pics and videos of my body and my sexy adventures.

“Within a month I was able to pay for my breasts. It was a very empowering feeling.”

At first, the model thought her new E cups were too small, but eventually she learnt to love them.

Kazumi noted: “When I came round from the surgery I cried because I thought they were too small still but now I feel so happy.

“I feel like I'm finally in the body I was always supposed to have.

“Since my OnlyFans has grown I have heard from the bullies.

“The funny thing is, a lot of them confessed they had crushes on me back then and that's why they bullied me.

“Strange how these things work. Even though I was made fun of, I really got the surgery for me.”

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