Mercury retrograde time TODAY: The exact time that chaos ensues

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Mercury retrograde gets a bad rap for being the absolute worst astrological phase. While the transit does cause miscommunication and technical mishaps, it’s not all bad and definitely not something that should keep you up at night. So, what time does Mercury retrograde start? reveals everything you need to know.

Mercury retrograde is the topic of pretty much all astrological memes on the internet right now because it’s starting in a matter of hours.

A planet being retrograde means it appears to be moving backwards in orbit (but isn’t actually, it’s just an illusion).

When a planet is retrograde its given meaning is flipped on its head and this can lead to quite negative results.

For example, Venus the planet of love is also retrograde right now and we are all re-evaluating our intimate relationships.

Mercury is the planet of communication, short distance travel, technology, expression, information processing and coordination, so all of these things go haywire when the planet is retrograde.

Mercury is in Aquarius right now so the humanitarian and quirky spirit of Aquarius is fuelling the atmosphere.

This means that communication issues may actually be down to the typical aloof nature of Aquarius, and we may simply not feel like socialising.

Mercury retrograde is starting at the tail end of Venus retrograde, so we’re going to be waking up to our limiting beliefs and what we really want in our relationships.

Generally, though, Mercury is quite happy in Aquarius other than the anxiety that comes with retrograde.

When Mercury moves into Capricorn in retrograde on January 14, our focus turns towards our goals.

You’re going to be questioning your career, lifestyle and achievement desires and materialistic values.

You may find yourself looking back on how far you’ve come and start assessing what changes you need to make.

If you’re not too pleased with the trajectory you’re on, wait until retrograde is over to make moves to change this.

Mercury retrograde time TODAY

Mercury retrograde has been in its shadow phase since December 29, but it goes full retrograde in Aquarius on January 14.

This is happening at exactly 11.41am in the UK, but you’ll feel the effects of the transit building up in the days before.

Mercury takes 88 days to orbit the sun and move through every sign, but retrograde only ever lasts about three weeks.

This time around, Mercury retrograde will last 20 days and end on February 3.

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