Meet mum and dad with matching face tattoos on mission to be 100% covered in ink

A couple who married just weeks after matching on Tinder are striving to have their whole bodies covered in tattoos.

Carine and Terry Owens got hitched two years ago and are often stared at in public because of their eye-popping appearance.

Terry is a former professional skateboarder turned tattooist with 90% of his skin inked, while Carine is an artist and painter who is 65% of the way there.

And speaking with Daily Star, Carine said: “Out in public we get mostly positive reactions and we actually get complimented and stared at a lot.

“But we are nicely dressed and we are always courteous and polite. People don’t get bad vibes from us and they seem to love our artwork.”

Carine, 36, got her first tattoo aged 14 during what she calls her “major rebellious phase”.

She laughed: “It was a s**t little dragon tattoo that I picked from the wall and got on my butt cheek – the only place my dad wouldn’t see it."

And coincidently her husband also got his first tattoo at the same tender age.

Terry, now 41, remembered: “It was an anarchy symbol on my left arm. We were doing homemade tattoos and I was very punk rock back then. It just seemed right.”

The parents, who are based in Washington and had a baby boy together in April, have several matching tattoos – including the words “never apart” on their eyelids.

And Carine is now determined to catch up with her husband’s number of tatts.

She said: “I’d like to be fully covered in two years. I have a very low pain tolerance so it’s a slow road for me. I’m about 65% there.

“It’s definitely a kind of accomplishment because so much time, thought and money goes into being fully covered.

“I like the shock value and I love the idea of decorating my body with beautiful artwork.

“Not all my tattoos have meaning. I just like the way they look and flow with the rest of my work.”

The pair also having matching luciferian crosses, the taurus symbol for their son and the sigil of resurrection – but not everyone is impressed.

Carine explained: "My family don’t like my tattoos but they don’t really mention them any more. They know it’s not up for discussion and I’m old enough to make my own decisions.

“I also get some scandalised looks from little old ladies at times.”

And speaking of trolls who mock her ink, she laughed: “They just have no taste. My tattoos look awesome and I don’t really care if people don’t like them.”

Her husband – who has tattooed his own body – is now focused on covering up any remaining areas.

“Skin is boring,” he said. “I have been tattooing myself for two years now since I became a tattoo artist.

“It’s a good way to practice and to black out my old tattoos I don’t like any more.”

And as for his own trolls, he simply added: “See you in hell.”

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