McDonalds worker slammed over lazy hack after customer asks for fresh fries

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A McDonald's worker sparked a heated debate by sharing a "hack" when customers asked for fresh fries.

The employee, who goes by the name @kiwipanda69 on TikTok, admitted that she wasn't the first one to come up with the idea.

She said: "When customers complain and ask for fresh fries."

In the clip seen nearly a million times, she takes the fries out of the bag.

Then instead of getting another batch of fries from the cooker, she drops the old ones back into the deep fat fryer.

After re-cooking them for a few seconds, she tips them back into the old box and prepares to give them back to the customer.

Most viewers were stunned and called the reheating a "lazy hack", but the TikToker replied in comments that it is "all jokes".

Many argued the worker could just give the customer fresh fries without the hassle.

One said: "Why can't you just do your job. Don’t want to provide good customer service… take the cleaners job."

Another chimed in, asking: "Why don't you just give them fresh ones? Is it that complicated?"

"Totally unprofessional, people are paying for that and it's messed up from your part doing that instead of giving them fresh ones," a third added.

But some felt there was no harm in re-heating the fries, with a viewer saying: "Honestly I feel like that'll do the trick."

A fan wrote: "That's completely fine with me because I just want hot, crunchy fries. I appreciate you all."

Others gave advice for getting "fresh fries" at the fast food chain.

"Don't ask for fresh fries guys, You gotta ask for fries with no salt, then they have to remake the fries and you add the salt," a customer shared.

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How would you order your fries? Let us know in the comments below.

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