McDonald’s has made a major change to popular £1.99 meal deal – and fans will love it | The Sun

MCDONALD'S has made a major change to a popular £1.99 meal deal – and customers will be thrilled.

The fast food chain has extended the number of menu items customers can get for the cheap price after completing a survey.

Before March 29, you could get a Big Mac, Filet-o-Fish, Vegetable Deluxe and either one medium Fries or Side Salad for £1.99.

But the terms and conditions on McDonald's website now say this has been extended to more items.

Since April 1, customers can get six Chicken McNuggets, one Big Mac, a Filet-o-Fish, McChicken Sandwich, Quarter Pounder with Cheese, or one McPlant, with either one medium Fries or one Side Salad for £1.99.

A McDonald's spokesperson said customers can no longer get the Vegetable Deluxe with Fries or salad as it has been replaced with the McPlant option.

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It comes after the chain hiked its prices in 2022, including its fan favourite cheeseburger.

How does the £1.99 offer work?

The £1.99 deal is also known as the Food for Thought offer.

To get one of the meals through the offer you need an old McDonald's receipt from a previous trip that was no longer than 60 days ago.

If you don't have one, you can always just buy a cheap item quickly to get hold of a receipt that you can then use.

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There will be a 12-digit code printed on the receipt which you can use after going on the McDonald's "Food for Thought" website and filling out the quick survey.

Once you've done this you should receive a five-digit code which is your voucher to redeem the £1.99 offer.

The code can be used at any Maccie's branch to get the above menu items for under £2.

Of course, the savings you make will depend on the meal you go for, but if you get the Big Mac and fries, that usually costs £6.08.

That means you're saving £4.09 by redeeming the offer. This is how much the other meals usually sell for, and the savings you can make:

  • Filet-o-Fish with fries – £5.88 (£3.89 saving)
  • Six Chicken Nuggets with fries – £5.88 (£3.89 saving)
  • McChicken Sandwich with fries – £5.88 (£3.89 saving)
  • Quarter Pounder with Cheese and fries – £6.08 (£4.09 saving)
  • McPlant with fries – £6.08 (£4.09 saving)
  • Filet-o-Fish with side salad – £5.48 (£3.49 saving)
  • Six Chicken Nuggets with side salad – £5.48 (£3.49 saving)
  • McChicken Sandwich with side salad – £5.48 (£3.49 saving)
  • Quarter Pounder with Cheese with side salad – £5.68 (£3.69 saving)
  • McPlant with side salad – £5.68 (£3.69 saving)

It's worth bearing in mind these are London prices, so the savings might be worth less depending on where you live.

And remember, don't forget to print your receipt if you order from a self-service kiosk.

How can I save money at McDonald's?

There's a few extra tips you can use to get discounted food at Maccie's.

You might not think it, but you can end up being charged more solely based on the McDonald's restaurant you choose.

Research by The Sun found a Big Mac meal can be up to 30p cheaper at restaurants just two miles apart from each other.

Meanwhile, you can also try building your own burgers and save money in the process.

A Big Mac on its own can cost as much as £3.99, but if you make a few changes to the order you can make your own for half the price.

Jordon Cox, dubbed Britain’s Coupon Kid, told The Sun how to get a DIY Big Mac for just £1.49.

You just have to order a Double Cheeseburger and add in the items you get in a Big Mac, so onions, pickles and shredded lettuce.

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McDonald's won't let you buy Big Mac sauce to put inside, Jordon said, but if you add your own ketchup and mustard, you'll get something similar.

And you can save yourself around £2 in the process.

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