Maya Rudolph Didn't Get SNL Premiere Lines 'Until Air' Amid Trump's Covid Diagnosis

Andy Cohen and Emily Spivey reveal which “Saturday Night Live” leading lady compares to which “Real Housewife” — from Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to Lisa Vanderpump and Bethenny Frankel.

“Saturday Night Live” has always been described as a wild ride, with the entire show being put together in the week before it airs. But this past week’s premiere had a whole new challenge.

Maya Rudolph dropped by “Watch What Happens Live” with her long-time writing partner Emily Spivey to break down how much Covid impacted production — and then Trump’s late-breaking Covid diagnosis forced last-minute rewrites.

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While the show stuck with its debate-themed cold open, there were some jokes thrown in about Trump testing positive for COVID-19, and all of that scrambling amid new Covid protocols for production left things really pressed for time.

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“Every single bit of information is coming in so fast,” said Rudolph. “So fast that even a show like ‘SNL’ that gives you everything up until the last minute didn’t even have time to build half the sets they probably wanted to build to cover all this insanity.”

“‘Cause it was coming in, what, Friday night at 1 a.m.? You know that bitch had it before that but that’s another– It was pretty wild,” she continued.

It’s just another layer of pressure put on this current cast, which has already been dealing with an unprecedented news cycle under President Trump. “Normally in my post cast-member-of-‘SNL’ life, you always think, wouldn’t it be great to be on the show right now,” said Rudolph. “It’s so insane. Everything is on steroids.”

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With all that extra weight, Rudolph said that it was a scramble to adhere to the new safety guidelines and have everything ready to go by the time they went on live.

“Believe it or not, everything was slower, it was harder to get things to cards. I didn’t really get my lines until air,” she said. “I didn’t get my lines to card until air, so I had never run that sketch until we did it live.”

It’s remarkable how well they pulled it off, gaining tremendous buzz for Rudolph’s return as Kamala Harris alongside “SNL” newcomer Jim Carrey as Joe Biden and Alec Baldwin, of course, back as Donald Trump.

It’s a good thing their chemistry was so strong, and the three of them such pros at this point when it comes to comedy and timing and working off the cuff because we’re going to be seeing a lot of them in the next month leading up to the election — and possibly even after, depending how things drag on and ultimately shake out.

“These times are nuts, man,” Rudolph declared. “They’re nuts!”

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In another segment, Andy Cohen took full advantage of the fact that Spivey is not only a legendary “Saturday Night Live” writer, but also a super-fan of all things Bravo.

As such, he concocted a segment where he would give her the name of an “SNL” leading lady and she’d have to declare not only which “Real Housewife” that “SNL” star was most like, but why.

We have to say, fans of both franchises might find it hard to disagree with her choices. We’ll give you the quick rundown below of which “SNL” stars Cohen called out and which “Real Housewives” Spivey mentioned to see if you can match them up the same as she did.

Plus, it’s absolutely worth checking out the video for her reasoning so you can see which “SNL” star and “Real Housewife” are “kook-a-doos” and who “likes an adult swing.”

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  • Rachel Dratch
  • Tina Fey
  • Ana Gasteyer
  • Amy Poehler
  • Maya Rudolph
  • Molly Shannon
  • Kristen Wiig

— and —

  • Lea Black
  • Luan de Lesseps
  • Bethenny Frankel
  • Erika Jayne
  • Caroline Manzo
  • Kyle Richards
  • Lisa Vanderpump

Maya Rudolph will more than likely be back on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend with host Bill Burr and musical guest Morgan Wallen.

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