May 2019 horoscope: What is in store for YOUR star sign this month REVEALED

Communication planet Mercury sextiles active Mars at the beginning of May. Messenger planet Mercury simultaneously squares a retrograde Saturn, sowing some confusion at this time of the month. The ringed planet Saturn is hands-off as it appears to move backward, but this can be counteracted by holding ourselves accountable.

Soon afterwards, Mercury squares a retrograde Pluto, creating a sense of secrecy.

It will help to avoid jumping to premature conclusions at this time.

Accept that there will always be elements that you’re unaware of and it is possible to work around obstacles.

The moon begins a new cycle in Taurus on May 4, offering new ways to consider our relationships with material possessions.

Take time for self-exploration while the moon makes this movement.

Mercury makes his way from actionable Aries to patient Taurus on May 6, affecting the way we communicate.

Our love life may nosedive on May 7 when Venus squares a retrograde Saturn.

Work with your artistic side on May 8th when the sun sextiles dreamy Neptune.

Seek inspiration from your friends and family when Mercury conjuncts innovative Uranus at this time.

Watch for jealousy on May 9th when Venus squares a retrograde Pluto.

Those of us in a relationship may need to accept everyone harbours secrets.

Give people their space, and resist any feelings of entitlement.

The planet of eros Venus trines a retrograde Jupiter on May 9, bringing with it a much-needed relaxed tone.

The atmosphere tightens up on the 11 when the sun trines a retrograde Saturn.

This is a good day for making analytic decisions and removing emotion from the equation.

Our intuitions come to the fore on the 13 when the Sun trines retrograde Pluto.

Pluto that day is creating a window of opportunity to alter our lives.

Prepare yourself for a day of passion on May 14th when charming Venus sextiles the Red Planet.

Mars moves from communicative Gemini into deep-feeling Cancer on May 15, prioritising our need to protect our emotions.

Venus moves into Taurus, one of her favourite signs on the same day. Relationships become steadier, as we’re more comfortable with our partners.

Meanwhile May 18 is an auspicious day for singletons and shopping as Venus conjuncts Uranus.

The month up until May 21 has been spent working with our finances as the Sun illuminated money minded Taurus.

Taurus will movetowards Gemini on May 21, emphasising the attention that we create a connection.

At the same time, Mercury enters his own sign of Gemini on the same day, creating a conjunction between the two heavenly bodies.

And the month ends on a whimsical note as Venus sextiles Neptune on May 30.

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