Manifest-dating – how to make your dating goals reality

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Manifestation can help with all areas of life – so why not apply some of the practices to dating?

Simply waiting around for a match is over and, now we’re nearing cuffing season, it’s time to affirm what you want and take some steps to achieving it (even if you aren’t looking to get cuffed this winter, as manifestation can prevent you from falling into an ill-matched relationship).

Manifesting pays attention to your thoughts, with the idea being that what you think can manifest in your reality.

Of course, you can’t just sit around dreaming of the perfect match – you have to get out there, but manifesting techniques can help push you forward.

New research from dating app Badoo reveals 96% of single people struggle with negative thoughts, nerves or self-sabotaging behaviour when it comes to dating.

The most common doubt they face is their date isn’t interested in them, with as many as 38% fearing this.

When asked, 63% of them said they were interested to see if manifestation could help them as they felt intrigued.

Manifesting is continuing to grow in popularity, and a quarter have already tried out some of the practices.

Of those who’ve tried, 74% found it helped them get their dating journey back on track. 

Even when the idea of ‘manifesting’ is off-putting to some, 58% believe they have the ability to attract the kind of situation they want into their life – which is the same basic principle.  

Some ways to give it a go are by envisioning what you want, be it mentally or through creating a vision board, by practicing patients and not settling, and by truly believing what you want to find in a partner is on its way to you.

Even if you aren’t spiritual, this can still serve a purpose.

Remy Le Fevre from Badoo says: ‘We all face so much noise from other people’s opinions, social media trends and the pressures we put on ourselves. 

‘Manifestation inspires positivity and helps provide understanding in what you are looking for.’

Teaming with manifestation coach Francesca Amber, she adds: ‘Manifestation and The Law of Attraction changed my life and I’m passionate about helping other people, after studying the topic for over 10 years.

‘Ultimately, be clear about what you want and put it out into the world, you’re more likely to get it.’

These are her top tips to try manifest-dating.

How to manifest love in your life:

Love yourself

Create a life you love full of friends, family, hobbies, travel – whatever it is you want. Never wait for or rely on a partner to enjoy the things that you love in life. Live that life already and only look to a partner to complement, enhance and share it with you.   

Set the intention

Go on dates with an open mind and positive attitude and make your goal to just have fun. Be open to new experiences and let people show you who they are. 

Create a vision board

Make a relationship vision board which includes a list of core values and attributes you want in a partner. If you start dating and get love blind you can look back clearly on what were your deal breakers. 

Make space

Intentionally clear a little mental space each week to let in the new, then literally declutter your life and environment.

Make space in your home and your wardrobe by getting rid of everything that no longer serves you. The trick is to keep your space intentionally clear so that you only fill that space with the dating experiences that you want to attract. 

Remember, a partner doesn’t define you

The more you can bring to the table by being happy in your own life, confident in your own qualities and able to grow and evolve with somebody, the more success you will have with dating. 

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