Man removes ice from his car within minutes using hot water in a bag

Drivers reveal clever hacks for de-icing their cars including hot water in a bag and an empty stain remover bottle

  • Viral Tik Tok clip shows ice being removed from a car windscreen with hot water
  • Anonymous man, from the UK, received 54,000 re-tweets after posting video
  • Angela Hickling, from Nottingham, also shared trick involving brush in a bottle 
  • Both were warned that the clever hacks could cause windscreens to shatter  

A video which shows a clever way of removing frost from a car windscreen has gone viral – but social media users have been left divided.

Posting under the handle ‘Barbe Noir’, a man from the UK shared the TikTok clip to Twitter which shows someone filling a resealable plastic bag with hot tap water, before using it to wipe away the melted ice. 

Meanwhile, Angela Hickling from Nottingham, also shared a photo of her unique method to Facebook, which involves an empty stain remover bottle.

Alongside the images, she penned: ‘I’m a genius, get yourself one of these bottles, fill it with warm water and you’re sorted. No cold hands scraping anymore and it cleans your windscreen too – the brush bit is ideal.’ 

However, while some branded the ideas ‘genius’ and joked they should have a ‘degree’ from how much they’ve learned from Twitter, others argued it could cause damage to the windscreens.

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A social media hack for removing frost from car windscreens has gone viral after being shared on TikTok 

The TikTok clip sparked a debate after being shared on Twitter. The much-watched video shows someone using a bag filled with hot water on their frozen windscreen

Responding to the water in a bag video, which has racked up an impressive 54,000 re-tweets, one person wrote: ‘If you put something hot to something cold, it will expand and cause the window to burst and even crack.

‘And you’re left with paying for a broken window. I’m just saying be careful cause it depends on how cold it is outside.’

Another who had an alternative suggestion commented: ‘Just pour cold water on it. It’s still warmer than the ice, then scrape ice off with a credit card or something. Hot water can crack your windshield.’ 

A third wrote: ‘Not only is there a chance this will crack the glass, but how lazy are you that you’d rather use a single-use piece of plastic than defrost your car for a few minutes in the morning?’  

Angela Hickling, from Nottingham, also shared her unique hack, which involves warm water, an empty stain remover bottle (pictured)

A number of responses to the thread came from those who were concerned that using boiling water could cause an icy windscreen to shatter

And while many were similarly concerned with the risk of the windscreen shattering when it came to Angela’s de-icing hack, others were full of praise for the idea.

‘I’ve got these bottles. It’ll be great for the morning,’ penned one, while a second wrote: ‘I did this this morning for the first time. It was great!’

Another added: ‘We do this and it works in seconds,’ while a further who took to the comments section added: ‘It’s so good, isn’t i?’  

Many took to the comments section following Angela’s hack and confirmed: ‘We do this. It works in seconds’ 

However, some were quick to comment on the fact they’ve spent years using hot water to melt the frost on their windscreens.

‘Everyone saying “but the glass will smash due to the heat difference” Really? because I’ve been using boiling hot water straight from the kettle for years and never had a single problem haha,’ wrote one, while a second commented: 

‘I throw hot water on mine all the time, the windscreen will only crack if you have other chips or crack in it. They are made to expand slightly.’

A third argued: ‘You can literally just use cold water and it still clears the ice/frost’ 

Others argued that the hack doesn’t require hot water and said they had been using similar methods for years

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