Lotto winner who blew £7.5million says he’s happier as divorcee living in a semi

A lottery winner who blew his £7.5million jackpot insists that he has never been happier – even after a marriage split.

Roy Gibney, 64, sold his stunning six-bed mansion for a whopping £1.1million last year – 20 years after he scooped the prize in 1998.

The 25-acre property comes with its own fishing lake and a swimming pool with the winning numbers etched onto the tiles.

Roy, who ended his high-rolling lifestlye after splitting from his second wife, Darlene Shand, in 2014, has found love again and is renovating a five-bedroom semi-detached house in his hometown of Grimsby.

The former sheet metal worker is now with his former flame Tracy Blaker.

Roy said: "It's been one heck of a ride – some of it good, some of it bad. I'm the happiest I've ever been."

Roy, the first in a line of local Lottery winners, told The Sun: "It was a hell of a lot of money to win 21 years ago. I lived the high life and parties.

"I've lost money, I've been fleeced and now I'm down to tens of thousands in the bank. I'm living a more modest lifestyle, it's calmer, more normal and I'm blissfully happy."

The father of three said he was living alone in a £40,000 two-bed home when he won the jackpot and the first thing he did was sell his car to a friend for £1.

He said the lottery was a blessing but was also a curse.

Roy met his ex-wife Darlene at the races and have a son, Luis, who is now 12. In 2015, they separated and Darlene got a £350,000 home in Scotland, a car, caravan and £50,000.

Roy kept a £500,000 holiday home they bought in Cyprus.

When he returned to Grimsby, he met teaching assistant Tracy. The pair dated in 2004 and started seeing each other when Tracy heard Roy was back in town.

She said Roy is now happy and enjoys life.

Roy still plays lottery every week using the winning numbers – 12, 13, 21, 23, 33 and 36 – as he vowed: "I'm certain I'll win it again. But if I do I won't be telling a soul."

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