Loose Women viewers slam Paris Fury

Tyson Fury’s wife Paris is slammed by Loose Women viewers after saying she’d be ‘quite pleased’ if the family dog died because she’s ‘another problem’ around the house she’s been ‘lumbered with’

  • Tyson Fury’s wife Paris, 30, from Morecambe, appeared on Loose Women today 
  • Mother-of-five said she ‘wouldn’t care if her dog died’ during one segment 
  • Many viewers were stunned by the statement and slammed Paris on Twitter 
  • One wrote: ‘Did Paris Fury actually just say she will be pleased when her dog is dead!? What a vile statement’

Tyson Fury’s wife Paris was slammed by Loose Women viewers today after she said she ‘would be pleased’ if their family dog died.

The mother-of-five, 30, from Morecambe, appeared on the programme alongside Charlene White, Janet Street-Porter and Linda Robson as the panel discussed pet bereavement during a segment.

But Paris stunned the panel after she said she wouldn’t care if her pet pooch Minnie died, saying: ‘The dog is here and if the dog was gone…I know it sounds cruel but I wouldn’t be so amiss. I’d actually be quite pleased for her to be gone because she’s just another problem in the house.’

Many of those watching said the comments had horrified them, with one commenting: ‘What disgraceful comments for Paris Fury to make about pet bereavement on Loose Women. 

Tyson Fury’s wife Paris, 30, was slammed by Loose Women viewers today after she said she ‘would be pleased’ if her dog died

‘As someone that would do anything to have their beloved little soul mate back, I’m appalled by her utter lack of empathy.’ 

Meanwhile another wrote: ‘Did Paris Fury actually just say she will be pleased when her dog is dead!? What a vile statement. 

‘Give the dog to somebody who will appreciate it.’

During the segment, host Charlene explained she had never formed connections with animals in the way that other panel members said they had. 

During the segment, Paris said her dog Minnie was just another ‘peeing and popping machine’ in her home 

Speaking to Paris, has children Prince Adonis Amaziah, one, Venezuela, ten, Prince John James, seven, Prince Tyson II, three, and Valencia Amber, two with the heavyweight champion, Charlene said: ‘You and I are very similar.

‘Neither of us grew up with animals in the house, so the connection some people have with animals, I don’t personally have experience of.

‘And I don’t always understand it. But you’ve got a pet now, do you understand when people are so close to their pet and see them as company and another loved one in their family?’

But Paris responded: ‘I understand that they love their dog, especially when it’s someone who is in a quiet house.

‘If you’re in a quiet home with one or two persons and the dog, that is a whole part of your life. And a big part of your life.   

Many viewers were left shocked by Paris’ comments on the programme, with some branding her ‘vile’ and ‘disgusting’

‘Especially if you’re a person on your own with the dog, it’s your company. 

‘If they lost the dog, it would be like losing an arm. So it would be a really big thing for them.’

She continued to say that she ‘wouldn’t be so amiss’ if her dog ‘was gone’, saying: ‘She’s another problem in the house! I know I shouldn’t but I have five peeing pooping machines in the house, then I’ve got the dog, and I’ve got to feed them all, wash them all, walk them all.

‘And Tyson who is a big peeing pooping machine! And I just.,..haven’t got the time to commit to this puppy dog. 

Paris told host Charlene White that she was the one ‘lumbered with the dog’ and said she ‘doesn’t have a connection’ with her pooch 

‘The kids are too young to do it all. I’m the one who has been lumbered with the dog and care for and look after her all the time.

‘I just don’t have that connection.’

Many of those watching said they were left stunned by Paris’ comments, with one saying: ‘Why the hell has Paris Fury got a dog? She actually said it would be better if she wasn’t around and she hasn’t bonded with her. Poor pup.’

Another wrote: ‘What a disgusting thing to say Paris. Your gorgeous dog deserves love, not tolerance.’

Another wrote: ‘Paris Fury saying she’d be pleased if her dog died cos it would be one less inconvenience. You shouldn’t have a dog then love. What a disgusting thing to say.’

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