Lad who calls elderly ‘slow and smelly’ spends 2 days with a pensioner

Millennial, 22, who brands the elderly ‘slow and smelly’ spends two days with a 78-year-old – and the pensioner is stunned he can’t iron, lies in every day and doesn’t know what flour looks like

  • Eric, from Reading, is obsessed with his looks and works part-time for a start-up
  • Stays with pensioner Raymond, from Sutton, who’s always been a go-getter 
  • Personalities clash when Eric shows up and admits he doesn’t even iron at home
  • Eric says he ‘gets frustrated’ with eldery whom he describes as ‘smelly’ and ‘slow’
  • Jack of all trades Raymond is determined to change prejudiced Eric’s ill views

A 22-year-old who is obsessed with his appearance and views the elderly as ‘smelly’ and ‘slow’ is shown the error of his ways by a sassy pensioner after spending two days in his company.

Eric, from Reading, loves wearing make-up, enjoys a lie-in every morning and spends most of his time on the couch on his phone, treating his family home like an all-inclusive hotel. 

He works part-time for a start-up, but admits it’s not what he wants to do in life and is keen to open his own business to make ‘big bucks’ – at some point in the future. 

For now he’s happy with his life of leisure, having all his meals prepared by his mum – but after spending 48 years with Raymond in this week’s Old School for Lazy Kids, it’s all change for Eric when the 79-year-old puts him to work.  

Eric, from Reading, loves wearing make-up, enjoys a lie-in every morning and treats his family home like an all-inclusive hotel

At the beginning of the show, Eric admits: ‘When I think of the smell of old people, I just think of, like, three day-old p***, loads of wrinkles disintegrating, not much hair, lifeless, no “umpf”.’

He says he wants to start his own business, explaining: ‘If you want to earn big money in the world and live it large like I want to, you can’t really do it working for someone else, ’cause you can’t earn that kind of money.’ 

Eric admits that looking good is the ‘first thing I think of in the morning’ and ‘the last thing I think of at night’, and wearing make-up is incredibly important to him.

‘My life is about the most important person in this world: me,’ he says matter-of-factly.

He appears to treat caring for his looks as a full-time job, as Eric does nothing to help out around his parents’ house, where he lives.  

Eric, 22, from Reading, has big plans for a future business – but for now, he prefers to lounge on his parents’ couch and play on his phone

When the two men fist meet, Raymond (pictured) says that he feels Eric wants to stand out like a ‘peacock’ 

‘I don’t help around the house to be quite honest with you,’ he says. ‘My mum does it for me, my dad cooks, mum cleans. It’s kind of like a hotel isn’t it? Everything’s on tap, room-service.’ 

Born in 1939, entrepreneurial Raymond had a very different upbringing to Eric. 

In his lifetime he’s been all over Europe and worked several jobs; he was a bar manager in Spain followed by a holiday rep, before he joined the civil service and began restoring cars before finally retiring.

‘I got my first year job when I was 16 in the printing industry,’ he explains, adding that he used to give his mother 10 shilling ‘for upkeep’. 

Eric explains to Raymond that make-up is very important to him, and that he wants to fight the stigma around men wearing it

Raymond says his mother taught him to ‘respect money’ and to budget. 

Speaking about his encounter with Eric, he reveals: ‘I hope to teach him a few things – household chores, he’ll be a better guy for it.’ 

The pensioner cannot believe it when Eric admits he never irons and immediately sets him to work and gives him some pointers.

Raymond is equally unimpressed by Eric’s habit of indulging in a regular lie-in, admitting he’d feel as if he’d ‘lost half a day’ if he didn’t wake up early. 

Pensioner Raymond, 79, from Sutton, worked all kinds of jobs during his career after joining the labour market when he was just 16 

Raymond takes Eric horse riding in the hope of getting him interested in something other than his looks 

After spending a few hours together, Eric reveals his controversial views on the eldery to his new companion.

When he admits he gets ‘frustrated’ with the elderly because they’re slow, Raymond points out that the young man is ‘oblivious to the world’.

Determined to get Eric interested in other things than himself, the pensioner takes him to a riding ranch where he rides a house for the first time. 

Eric seems nervous at first but eases up after a few turns. Meanwhile, Raymond parades on his horse with the assurance of a long-time rider. 

‘It’s pretty cool that he can do that,’ observes Eric.

Experienced rider Raymond is very comfortable with horses but the same cannot be said of Eric 

After a few rounds, Eric (pictured) gets more comfortable with the horse, but still refuses to go fast 

The following day, Eric is challenged to buy the ingredients for pancakes and cook them – a big task which requires a lot of Googling from the youngster.

As he heads to the shop looking for flour – unsure of what the product even looks like – he doesn’t seem his usual confident self. 

‘I don’t know what I’m doing,’ he mumbles, looking up the ingredients on his phone.

Back at Raymond’s house, Eric tasks himself with making the pancakes and can’t resist getting his phone out for a celebratory selfie when he manages to successfully make one. 

As Eric heads to the shop looking for flour – unsure of what the product even looks like – he doesn’t seem his usual confident self

The next day Eric learns to cook pancakes for Raymond’s breakfast and struggles to buy simple ingredients like flour 

After bonding with his host over their diverse activities, Eric decides to give Raymond a make-up tutorial before they enjoy a night out together. 

‘As you know I like to take care of my appearance, it’s very important to me,’ Eric reveals. 

‘As part of my beauty regime, moisturising is key. I was wondering if, before we go out tonight, you would try moisturising and trying some bits and bobs I have in my bag? Nothing too crazy!’

Game Raymond agrees, joking: ‘In for a penny, in for a pound’ – although he makes sure Eric won’t be applying any lipstick. 

At the end of the experience, Raymond agrees to let Eric do his make-up in order to make him happy 

As the men continue to bond, Eric confesses to Raymond how important make-up is to him, admitting it gives him ‘confidence’. 

‘There is a stigma, though, with men wearing make-up and it’s something I really want to challenge,’ Eric adds.

But Raymond is not happy be his presumption and feels Eric puts ‘words in [his] mouth’.

‘I’m an old man and I don’t think that,’ Raymond tells him.  

The pensioner later admits he doesn’t like make-up, adding: ‘I don’t think I can ever get used to that, but I’ve done it for him, I think I made him a bit happy, bless his heart. I think his heart is in the right place.’

Will Eric’s newfound friendship with Raymond change his opinion on the elderly population? 

Old School for Lazy Kids airs tonight at 9pm on 5Star. 

Raymond has been all over Europe and has a house in Spain but stays at his girlfriend’s house when in the UK (pictured)


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