Kendra Erika Lives Out Her Queen Of Hearts Fantasy In Bold & Colorful Video For ‘So Fly’

All hail Kendra Erika! The singer rules over her big, beautiful, and bold world in ‘So Fly,’ and she tells HL how this new music video totally captures her vibe of ‘not fitting the current mold’ when it comes to her art.

There are no white rabbits, caterpillars, or Jabberwockys in Kendra Erika‘s new music video, but that doesn’t stop her from living like the Queen of hearts – specifically, the queen of your Heart. In “So Fly,” premiering here on HollywoodLife, the South Florida native finds herself in a self-described “palatial Alice In Wonderland” setting. From the pool dotted with red balloons to laying seductively in a patch of roses, Kendra delivers the Latin-fueled dance bop, a club banger about finding that person who makes you feel “so fly.” The heat radiates off the song when Kendra sings how she’s “gonna just let it happen / more than one time / ’cause baby, if this feels as good / then it can’t be a crime.”

“So Fly” was written along with Gerina Di Marco and Luigie “LUGO” Gonzalez, who also produced the track. Though the video does bear the markings of being shot during the COVID-19 pandemic, Kendra says that it totally captures the vibe she was going for. “Since the song itself is so bold and colorful already, I wanted the video to reflect that and be a palatial Alice in Wonderland,” Kendra tells HollywoodLife. “I really felt seen and heard in the filming process primarily because [director] Tolga Katas wanted the video to just showcase myself in a playful environment. And, being that I do live in my own world artistically, in that I humbly pride myself on not fitting the current mold, this only transcended the overall project.”


Not one to sit around and watch the world turn, Kendra got to work while quarantined in Boca Raton, Florida. While working with producers – albeit virtually – Kendra doubled-down on her songwriting, bouncing ideas back and forth over Zoom before the songs were ready to record. Though she says it was hard to co-write via her computer, this method had its benefits.

“Since I didn’t have to travel,” she says in a statement with the new song, “I was able to collaborate more quickly, focus on my vocals, and I’m thrilled with these new tracks.” She put down vocals thanks to Lazaro Rodriguez, sound engineer for the Gibb family, who had a studio just minutes from her home. The first song, “So Fly,” arrived at the end of August, a fitting farewell to the summer, and with the promise of more music to come, there’s something to anticipate as the weather gets colder.

We’ll have to see if “So Fly” soars to the top of the charts. Kendra’s “Self Control” topped the Billboard Dance Club Songs charts in 2019. He other singles – “A Deeper Love,” “Oasis,” and “Under My Skin” – were all Top 10 Dance Club hits, with “Self Control” being named No. 23 on billboard’s 2019 Year End list for Dance/Club Songs.

“So Fly” is out now.

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