Kelly Clarkson Wins Back Her $10.4 Million Mansion Amid Divorce Settlement

Nobody enters into a marriage thinking that it will end in divorce, but sadly, that happens to be the case for so many people and occurs even more frequently for high-profile celebrity couples. In spite of the fact that the majority of the celebrity marriages out there are protected by iron-clad prenuptial agreements, divorces remain a complicated, time-consuming, and very expensive process. Kelly Clarkson knows this reality all too well. Amid her highly publicized divorce from her husband of 7 years, Brandon Blackstock, she has finally seen the silver lining. Page Six has reported that she has finally been awarded complete rights to ownership over her $10.4 million Montana Ranch.

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Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock are a crisp and current example of just how messy divorces can really be. When they first entered into their marriage to one another, they had discussed and agreed upon a prenuptial agreement, yet that document wasn’t the dictating resource in recent weeks.

In spite of the fact that both parties recall the arrangement they made, and the paperwork was readily available, the court system had to go through their due process, leaving many of the properties owned by the former couple in limbo during initial divorce proceedings.

Clarkson was the predominant breadwinner within their relationship, and as a result, she was forced to fork over millions of dollars to Blackstock in advance of the prenuptial agreement being called upon.

The ranch in Montana was a particularly sore spot for the former couple, given the fact that they each had personal connections to the property in very different ways. Clarkson funded the purchase of the ranch and believes this to be her sole property, while Blackstock currently resides at the farm and has pivoted in his career to become a full-time rancher, so he felt this land should rightfully be turned over to him.

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Ultimately, the prenuptial agreement takes precedence, and it has just been reported by NBC Chicago that: “The Court rejects Respondent’s position that the Montana Ranch and other Montana properties are marital property owned 50/50 by the Parties.”

Kelly Clarkson has been awarded full and final rights to the property, and now that it belongs entirely to her, as per the prenuptial agreement that was signed years ago, she is free to exercise her right to sell the property, which is something she seems inclined to do.

Her ex, Brandon Blackstock, has expressed how much this property means to him and has fought hard to retain at least partial ownership of the land to prevent it from being sold, but now the reigns are completely in the hands of Kelly Clarkson, as the courts rule in her favor and award her sole rights to the estate.

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Sources: Page Six, NBC Chicago


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