It Took 5 People to Make Anya Taylor-Joy's Lingerie Satin Dress and Opera Coat for the Emmys

Our first thought after seeing all those glamorous gowns on 2021 Emmys red carpet? Wow, these stars look good. Then came another realization: Somewhere out there, teams of people worked tirelessly to create these gowns from nothing, sketching, draping, stitching, and fitting, until finally, each look was ready to make its debut.

Take Anya Taylor-Joy's yellow, silk Dior dress and opera jacket combo, for instance. According to the fashion house, that look — which was styled by Taylor-Joy herself along with Paul Burgo — was made by five different people in the Dior atelier.

Taking a peek at behind-the-scenes photos that Dior has exclusively shared with, we see that the design all started with a sketch which was then used to pick specific materials that brought it to life. The dress, which was a pale yellow color, was made with silk lingerie satin, while the coat was a more vibrant, movie-theater buttery shade of yellow, created with silk faille.

During the award show, Taylor-Joy ended up taking off the jacket, revealing that slinky little dress underneath, which initially made us do a double-take. It was as if she'd had a mini outfit change in the middle of the night, and the combo was essentially two outfits in one.

Without the yellow opera jacket, we also had a chance to see Taylor-Joy's jewelry, which was from Tiffany & Co.

One major trend at the 2021 Emmys was extra-long trains, something that Taylor-Joy was on top of when she arrived in the coat. It trailed behind her as she walked down the carpet.

It's also possible Taylor-Joy plays favorites when it comes to color. Just last month, her go-to stylist, Law Roach, put her in a sweet Giambattista Valli dress that was a similar shade of yellow.

Of course, Anya Taylor-Joy topped our best dressed list — but she wasn't the only one who came ready to impress. See all the stunning looks you might have missed at the 2021 Emmys.

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