Inside Musashi: Oracle Co-Founder Larry Ellison’s $160 Million Superyacht

It is a common knowledge that the world’s wealthiest people like blowing millions of dollars on collectible vehicles, opulent homes, private planes, and other luxuries. Others own a lot of stocks and corporations all over the world and tech billionaire Larry Ellison is among them. Nothing really compares to a multimillion-dollar superyacht when it comes to establishing your super-rich social hierarchy, and it is pretty obvious since the Oracle co-founder has more than one superyacht.

Superyachts can be purchased for hundreds of millions of dollars and maintained for millions more annually. It is regarded as the foremost symbol of prosperity and exemplifies excellent affluence. Many billionaires possess enormous superyachts that are the ideal signs of their opulent lifestyles.

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Larry Ellison’s Ownership Of The Superyacht Musashi

Superyacht Musashi, owned by American billionaire Larry Ellison, is one expensive example and is amazingly featured in one of Netflix’s series, The Dropout. Fans were astonished at the sight of the superyacht seen in the series. The peculiar designs and architectural layout are remarkable that this raises queries about it and the identity of the yacht’s enormous owner.

Larry Ellison, full name Lawrence Joseph Ellison, was the Oracle’s software corporation co-founder and CEO from 1977 to 2014. With a net worth of $93 billion and a co-founder of Oracle Corporation. He is the eighth richest person in the world. He is considered one of the highest-paid CEO in the US. Although it has been announced that Ellison will be leaving the board of directors in 2022, he also owns shares in Tesla valued at the US $1 billion.His Musashi is revered by all as a classic illustration of the most luxurious pastime a millionaire like Ellison enjoys. It is an 88-meter vessel designed in the Japanese style and unveiled in 2011 by the Koninklijke De Vries yard of Feadship in Makkum, the Netherlands.

Musashi measures 87.78 m (288.0 ft) overall and 13.90 m in beam (45.6 ft). Together with her sister ship Fountainhead, she is ranked as the 79th-largest yacht in the world. Her well-chosen name reflects the appreciation for Japanese styling that her very skilled owner shares. Additionally, the billionaire has made no secret of his admiration for Japanese tradition and has acquired a precious collection of Japanese artwork that dates back thousands of years.

The Samurai Connection Of The Superyacht

Ellison is well-known for having owned numerous high-end superyachts during his life. The 58-meter Ronin, the 75-meter Katana, and the 138-meter Rising Sun are some of them. When you get here, you’ll see that the names of all these vessels are strongly associated with the country of the rising Sun. With its name derived from the illustrious samurai Miyamoto Musashi in Japanese history, the Musashi also adheres to this tradition. Musashi, who lived in the 16th and 17th centuries, was a skilled swordsman, philosopher, military leader, author, and Roman.

At the age of 13, Musashi killed a guy in single combat, launching his career as a fighter. He claimed to engage in more or less 60 separate sword fights, all of which he claimed to have won, many of which were to the death. Legend has it that he remained undefeated throughout his life and was renowned as a “sword saint” because he set out on a personal quest to learn excellent sword skills. Ellison’s choice of the name reveals his love of samurai mythology and Japanese culture. In reality, the billionaire also owned a Japanese art collection in an exhibition that debuted over a weekend at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.

A Minimalist, Japanese-Style Vessel

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Feadship delivered the superyacht, which cost an estimated amount of $160 million and was the largest vessel ever constructed by the shipyard at the time.  With a crew of 23, Musashi can accommodate 18 guests. Japanese art and design elements are mixed throughout the room. The aesthetic sensibility of the Eastern nation is reflected in every piece of furniture, material utilized, work of art, and sculpture. The ship has five decks, which is a very unusual layout. The tender boats are again positioned on the main deck and prepared to transform into a mobile beach club once they are released into the sea. Downstairs are technical areas and crew accommodations, a gym, and a garage, although this is often a garage for tender motor boats. Musashi’s theater room, which can be transformed into a comfortable living room when necessary, is one of its best features. The passenger compartments are located in the main deck’s remaining space.

Meanwhile, a master suite fills half of the upper deck. It contains a theater room that can be converted, and the living room on the main deck has a breathtaking outlook. The glass and stainless-steel elevator system must be mentioned, encircled by a glass staircase that winds across the boat’s floors. Musashi has an average speed of 18 knots and can operate continuously at over 6,000 knots.

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