Inside Kendall Jenner’s ‘serene’ home: ‘There aren’t a lot of ragers going on here’

Kendall Jenner’s LA home reflects her understated style.

“I’m really proud of what we accomplished here,” the 24-year-old recently told Architectural Digest of her five-bedroom bohemian pad. “This is the first home I’ve done completely, and I think it’s a genuine reflection of who I am and what I like.”

She added, “In the end, I’m still a young female in LA, just trying to have some fun.”

The supermodel’s house, with its “Spanish-y, farmhouse-y vibe,” is all about comfort and creating a place of relaxation.

“My life involves a lot of chaos and travel and high energy, so I wanted a home that feels serene, a place where I can simply zone out and relax,” she said.

That is why she transformed the home theater into a massive arts-and-crafts room. She also likes to bring her creative energy to her teal-colored kitchen.

“I’m always in there trying to up my chef game. At this point, I’m a pretty good cook,” she told the magazine, adding, “Kylie and I were super lucky to have guidance from our older sisters and a mom who really has her s—t together. They all gave me solid advice on how to set up my kitchen and bath for maximum efficiency.”

Jenner’s home is also adorned with works by renowned contemporary artists such as Tracey Emin, Barbara Kruger, Richard Prince, Raymond Pettibon, Sterling Ruby and one of her favorites, James Turrell.

“I’ve always been a huge Turrell fan,” she said. “I was introduced to his work by [my brother-in-law] Kanye [West], who collaborates with him.”

Jenner really wanted a space where she could just hang with pals and keep things low-key.

“I’m not a huge party person. There aren’t a lot of ragers going on here,” Jenner said. “I like turning on music, lighting the fireplace and candles, and watching NBA games with my friends.”

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